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  • Music ReviewRoman Holiday: by Lourdes Duque Baron

Lourdes D Baron gets around! The 60′ something Filipina singer, actress is more in demand than ever thanks to her cutting edge and magnificently malleable sound. She owned 2015 and hasn’t let up after ”Me & Mr. Jones,” “My Spring in Paris,” and ”Time after Time” which is another whimsical sensation that furthers the union of all things smooth, sassy…intermingling all the wonderful trappings of jazz. Baron’s persona and fusion are as diverse and discovery rich — as a night out in Hollywood or even Paris. Her sometimes thick and throaty voice bellows, seemingly hypnotizing all who are blessed with her resonance.

Lourdes Duque Baron

Lourdes, let’s just call her, a Woman of Intrigue — is a forceful, confident songbird, completely undaunted that she can bend words into new shapes without losing their meaning. She shows off that skill on ”Roman Holiday,” amazing energy from Drew Right Music is recognized as well.  “He found out that I was royalty, he didn’t know that part of me. He took on a bet, he’ll never regret,” she belts out.  ”It’s a Roman Holiday,” she swears! Stretching that last word out over a few seconds and many more syllables. “I’m a rebel and I stray. It’s part of my plan — like the sea to the sand,” she croons…never unraveling, tying the sentiment together with a bow. A pretty bow. Superb. Roman Holiday is stunning. Like her youthful face. It’s right as rain. Channeling numerous avenging jazz divas, contemporaries too  — there’s  a fine, mellow, flava to this one. After only a handful of plays, it feels like you’ve always known it. It will see Lourdes become an even greater award magnet come the end of the year, leaving her challengers for dust. Genuinely brilliant!

EOTM Music Critique Rating

  • Lourdes Duque Baron “Roman Holiday” ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴  | 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 — Carla B.

Album: Back To Romance

Produced By: Andrew Lane

Label: Timeless Entertainment

Album Available on iTunes Soon!

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Was 2015 the year of the sneak attack? So many big musical moments in the past 12 months seemed to appear out of nowhere. There was the unlikely return of well — so many things. Much of which took a starring role in the year’s most fascinating and talked-about releases. Many artists dropped career-defining records — no less odd or experimental than their predecessors, but packed top to bottom with buzzing songs. A few seemed to spin a dense, story-driven concept album out of thin air, with barely a peep of advance press, and others reemerged with a sold-out solo tour and heaps of previously unreleased music. Unpredictable, indeed.

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