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EOTM ~ Universal Wave Radio - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

EOTM ~ Universal Wave Radio

EOTM Radio & Universal Wave Radio Presents: Wandering Seeker Radio

The title, Wandering Seeker, is for all of us. It will take you on a galactic journey to a place where the right answers do not exist. Far away from what’s cool and hip, archetypes and systems. This is not about science, religion, politics or philosophy. It’s not about who is right or who is wrong.

What exactly is right or wrong? What is truth, really?

Our sincere hope is that this new talk show creates a beautiful landscape for the listener, the seeker to begin anew.  A place where we can all stand together for something good, instead of standing against our humanity. — Peace, love, forgiveness, true freedom and harmony. #Namaste

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  EOTM Radio ~ Reaching Our Audience Wherever They May Be….

 Official Press Release: EOTM & Universal Wave Radio Announces New Talk Show: The Wandering Seeker

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EOTM Radio and Media & Universal Wave Radio Presents: The Wandering Seeker Radio Show with Carla B.
“Our goal is to aid humanity in awakening its consciousness and emerging from the realms of illusion which have limited many of us for eons of time. We must awaken and remember our divine origins and take on our power as we move through these transformational times. We are not alone. As we become open to the knowledge of our oneness with the All, the veil is lifted and truth is realized. “- Carla B.
This exciting new show will offer resources for the wandering spirit, seekers, students, adepts, friends, etc etc etc. Why?
Because, The Sleeper Must Awaken.

EOTM/Universal Wave Radio — Join the Movement that’s helping to awaken consciousness on Mother Earth.

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Stay connected to Carla B. via Twitter for updates on this new exciting show @eotmpr .


It is all inside you. Embrace it. Your time is now!

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