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11 Responses

  1. Sosidiva says:

    Regarding – Allegations in Tabloid about ‘Touched By An Angel Star’ Della Reese Unfounded-??? I just had to laugh out loud …for a very long time!

    Why is it always white people who claim to “know” her and think they’re her friend?
    I am very familiar with Michael Stone, Della Reese and her cult, oops – her Church. Yeah – that’s what it is….sure. A church. I used to have to take my elderly Auntie to that church when she was alive and I know exactly what goes on there!

    What’s hilarious, is that Michael Stone is a self-proclaimed event producer, who himself has been publicly disgraced, spoken down to & “burned” by Della Reese via several back-alley concerts he continues to push and manage for her, in order to receive any form of kindness from her. Michael Stone is absolutely not whatsoever, her spokesperson or even allowed to speak on her behalf – per Della! LOL When he was never repaid the thousands of dollars from one of her events going bust, he told as many people as he could that he was “done” with having anything to do with her OR the church. I see he’s back at her…um it… again! LOL

    He has never worked for that church. He doesn’t even attend the services. He shows up to mingle, grossly hit on us single women and spends the entire service outside smoking. It’s hilarious that he even dares to become involved with something that he knows nothing about.

    Upon moving to L.A., he supposedly handled some kind of security at one of her public events and has been self-attached to her hip & her every move since. The small amount of printed truth is obviously & legally called allegations – but is all True! They are not harsh, it’s only a tiny portion of the truth. I think church-goers, including Michael Stone will have quite a different response when he (they) accept the fact that their donations were used to buy either weed, her new cars, used for her mortgage, gas/electric bills and so on.

    He has no idea what he’s talking about and it’s just disgusting to see him ONCE again, try to be involved with her – at any cost & for any kind of his Own press.

    Shirley Williams DOES work for the church and Della DID ask her to send weed through the U.S. Postal Service. And? A: They were caught. Verified through the D.E.A.

    I have obtained and verified the public documents obtained through LA Superior Court that the reason this “Minister” was sued so many times, is because she refuses to pay employees their earned wages. Look it up for yourself for $4.95.

    I am ecstatic to see that someone is finally exposing these sick, demented people – AND – that cult – for what they really are.

    I am also very familiar with Billie Hall and he would most likely die of embarrassment than to have Della’s name associated with anything to do with his career. If you knew the players in all of this, you’d roll your eyes and laugh out loud….that Michael Stone is trying to put himself into a circle that doesn’t accept him, does not want him near or around them and wants nothing to do with him.

  2. Shari says:

    I think you guys SHOULD interview Billie Hall about the Della Reese pot-smoker story thing !! :)

  3. Billie says:

    I don’t know what happened to the response I posted before, but Mike Stone is not “very familiar” with me as we’ve only met a couple of times. I worked for Della Reese in her home office, not the church, so I was up close and personal daily, while Stone saw her occasionally as a wanna be body guard.
    I have no reason to lie. In fact, keeping these secrets have been harmful to me. Believe me, what was printed in the Enquire was mild compared to the whole story. The whole story is FAR WORSE. And, YES, I would WELCOME the opportunity to be interviewed about all three stories. Just e-mail me as to the time and place and I’ll be there. It’s time it ALL came out. Please have been decieved and abused by these “preachers” for too long. SOMEBODY has to step up. So, if you’re still interested, I’m available for an interview.

  4. [...] To advertise or sponsor one or more shows under the EOTM network please visit:( contactus-staff/ ) [...]

  5. [...] have her aboard!”To advertise or sponsor one or more shows under the EOTM network please visit:( contactus-staff/ )For media relations please contact Carla B. @ 213-290-3573 or email pr@eotmradio( dot)com.EPR [...]

  6. mudji says:

    woudl eit be possible to sent me a photo of
    Della Reese and Her husband?

  7. mudji says:

    Aloha would it be possible to have a photo of Della Reese and her husband

  8. mudji says:


    would it be possibel to ahve a aphoto of DElla Reese

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