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TIME’s breast-feeding toddler – Bold move

Check out TIME’s magazine’s new cover, you know the one, yep…the one below. It has sparked a big debate online from men and women  alike talking, sharing, commenting and, inevitably…. judging.

Credit: TIME


It’s a bold move to breast-feed a toddler in today’s judgmental society, and it’s the ultimate bold move to do it on the cover of TIME magazine.

That’s a real mom with her real child, by the way, 26-year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet. She will be on TODAY Friday morning to talk about motherhood, breast feeding in public and of course the cover.

The first time mom is taking all the new found attention in stride… commenting via Twitter, “Oh my gosh! Aram and I are on the cover of @timemagazine”

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And once you get past that provocative cover, the story raises the familiar topic of attachment parenting with a profile of Dr. William Sears, along with some pictures of real moms who follow the attachment parenting philosophy of baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and yes, extended nursing.

Way to go Mom’s!