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Attract affluent Chinese tourists in the ‘Asian Tourist Guide’

International magazine offering distribution in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, Chicago, San Francisco and Hawaii.

The rise of the new Chinese International Traveler: Younger, Independent and Affluent.

The number of Chinese travelers making trips to the United States was up by a strong 22 per cent in 2011, compared to 2010, and experts predict this market to double in the coming years.

Data from the US Travel Association showed that the country welcomed more than 62 million visitors last year. Chinese tourists were a big slice of that pie.

Rossi Ralenkotter, National Chair, U.S. Travel Association and President and CEO, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said, “Take Las Vegas for example, we get about 100 thousand Chinese visitors a year. As we look to the future, both for Las Vegas and the US, China is a large growth market for travel. So we’re gonna be out there marketing and selling.”

Luxury stores pull out the red carpet for Asian tourists ….


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Over five days in January, a group of visitors to New York was treated to a private concert, fashion show and cocktails, with pianist Lang Lang at the Montblanc store. Designers Oscar de la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg were also in attendance.

The invitees were not celebrities, they were not government officials, they were Chinese tourists with a lot of money.

Fact: Asian Tourists Spend More Money on Luxury Products abroad than they do at home.

Though luxury brands started opening stores in Beijing and Shanghai years ago, Chinese shoppers still spend more on luxury products abroad than they do at home, according to the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Price is the major reason: Because of China’s taxes, luxury products are about a third cheaper in the United States and elsewhere.

European luxury stores have been catering to Chinese tourists for years. Now high-end retailers in the United States are pulling out their Mandarin phrase books and trying to convince Chinese visitors that Americans can do luxury, too.

“What started as a trickle has now become a flow,” said the vice president of the antiques store Macklowe Gallery, Ben Macklowe, who recently sold a Tiffany lamp that cost in the low six figures to a Shanghai visitor. “There’s been prosperity across so much of Asia that you’re starting to see it much more in the profile of the tourist on Madison Avenue.”

The inaugural Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) from, one of the world’s leading online hotel booking websites, gives an insight into how the rise of the Chinese traveler is changing the dynamics of the global hotel market.

Johan Svanstrom, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, commented: “The Chinese made a staggering 70 million international trips in 2011 and, while many of these were to Hong Kong and Macau, the number going further afield is growing significantly. Implementing strategies to cater specifically to this burgeoning source market is moving from a nice-to-have to a competitive necessity.”

Surveying more than 5,000’s hotel partners around the world, the report found the majority of respondents envisage the boom in outbound Chinese travel continuing. One in five (22%) expect to see an increase of as much as 40%. Many national governments are facilitating the boom by relaxing visa requirements. Japan and Spain are examples of popular tourism markets that have already done this and Korea, amongst others, will implement similar changes later this year. Chinese international travelers are known to spend significant amounts on shopping and there is a clear opportunity for the hotel industry to grab a share of that spend for the stay experience itself.

The study found that the profile of Chinese guests is changing as they become increasingly more independent, confident, younger and more familiar with foreign cultures and customs.

How to capitalize on this lucrative market…you wonder?

Luxury magazine,  Asian Tourist Guide is helping it’s clients do just that. The companies philosophy is to publish market leading magazines that connect with Asia’s wealthy, brand conscious, high net worth individuals through their lifestyle activities. Assuring that each magazine reaches and exceeds the higher of international publishing standards, providing readers with a blend of international and locally produced content in a fresh and innovative format. Showcasing international fashion brands, fueling the fashion scene and emphasizing the pulse of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, Chicago and San Francisco for Asian tourists.

Chinese Tourist Guides — the best Attractions, Shopping, Restaurants, Golf, in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco & Hawaii!

The Asian Tourist Guide believes in a collaborative and strategic approach that enables them to provide its clients with the most creative and effective campaigns.

For the last seventeen years the company has published the leading and only chain of quarterly Japanese and Chinese Tourist Magazines for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, San Francisco and Chicago, targeting this niche group.

Spiritual Cinema CircleEach quarter the assignment is not only to publish the magazine and update its web sites, but also to provide tour partners with a list of restaurants, shopping destinations, attractions and entertainment to help them create itinerary for their tours. This effective strategy has qualified them to be voted the #1 magazine for Chinese Tourist by China Survey and Advisory board.

The Asian Tourist Guide is a magazine with real integrity in distribution and current editorial content, providing awareness for the Asian traveler and visibility to support their advertisers. Their cutting edge flare is organized for key fashion and luxury goods, attractions, shows, and maps combined with dramatic editorial features such as dining with stars and shopping with celebrities.

Asian Tourist Guide market research

The Asian Tourist Guide has created the most comprehensive research on tourism within the industry.  Monitoring and analyzing industry trends around the world, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” qualitative analysis; down to specific category data.

The mags market research supports every level of business, assisting in strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.

Their tourism market research answer questions such as:

  • What is the market size of outbound tourism?
  • How big is outbound travel in terms of departures and spending?
  • Which international destinations are the most popular?

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