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The Music Idol of Generation X: Kurt Cobain – One of the Biggest Death Conspiracies in Music History

By Carla B.

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April 5, 1994 -  was one of the saddest days in music history, the music idol of Generation X, lead singer of rock group Nirvana, Kurt Cobain was found dead in his green house of an apparent self inflicted shot gun wound to the head.

Needless to say his fans were shocked and hurt by his death — and the suicide…well just did not sit right with many…even with the suicide note.

Side note: At the time of his death police reported Cobain had a lethal dose of heroin in his system before he shot himself.

Kurt Cobain recording in Hilversum Studios, playing Takamine acoustic guitar (Photo by Michel Linssen/Redferns)

Rise to Fame

In 1985 Cobain formed and reformed a series of bands before Nirvana came to be in 1986, and there the alliance between Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and eventually drummer Dave Grohl was sealed.

By 1988 Nirvana were doing shows and lighting up the scene across the country. In 1989 Nirvana recorded their first album Bleach for local Seattle independent label Sub-Pop. Eventually their contract was bought out by Geffen and they signed to the mega-label. Two and a half years after Nirvana’s first C.D. Bleach was released they put out Nevermind and its first single,  Smells Like Teen Spirit, propelled Nirvana to mainstream success. Nevermind went on to sell ten million copies and make a reported $550 million (US) leaving Nirvana overnight millionaires. Cobain was shocked at the reception of his highly personal and passionate music repeatedly telling reporters that “none of the band ever, ever expected anything like this.”

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Not long after, Cobain found himself with an heroin addiction, admitting he used the drug as a shield against the rigorous demands of touring and to stop the pain of stomach ulcers.

In February 1992 Cobain married the love of his life, Courtney Love who was already noticeably pregnant.

Later in the year Nirvana released Incesticide and in August Cobain was treated for heroin abuse. Shortly after his release his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain was born.

In early 1993 In Utero was released and had massive success and is said to be his most passionate work.

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Nirvana embarked on a support tour and recorded and filmed an “unplugged” (acoustic) performance for MTV in late 1993. Nirvana’s choice to honor bands and people that had influenced them and Cobain’s passionate and intense vocals silenced many who had labeled Cobain talentless. Rumors circulated that the MTV Unplugged compilation would be Nirvana’s last album and the band were splitting up.

From 1993 to 1994 Nirvana embarked on an extensive European tour. Twenty concerts into the tour Cobain developed throat problems and their schedule was interrupted while he recovered. While recovering Cobain flew to Rome to join his wife who was also preparing to tour with her own band.

On March the 4th Cobain was rushed to a hospital in a coma after an allegedly unsuccessful suicide attempt in which he washed down about fifty prescription painkillers with champagne. The “suicide” was officially called an accident and was not even made known to close friends and family. Several days later he returned to Seattle whereas Love, some friends and his manager convinced him to enter a detox program in L.A.

According to a missing person’s report filed by his mother, Cobain fled the program on April 1, 1994.

Days later there are sketchy reports of Cobain and the shot gun that aided in ending his life. The true story on the gun found at the scene is that it was purchased BEFORE Cobain left the rehab in Los Angeles, not AFTER he fled the rehab as reported by misinformed media sources. The shot gun was fully loaded with three shells. It was purchased and loaded for protection, NOT suicide. Remarkably, the police claim there were no legible fingerprints found on the gun.

The truth is, the shotgun wasn’t even checked for fingerprints until May 6th, nearly one month after Cobain’s body was found…all this according to Tom Grant.


The note in question was found at the scene by the police was immediately labeled as a “suicide note.” The police report states it was “apparently written by Cobain to his wife and daughter, explaining why he had killed himself.”

But this note was not addressed to Kurt’s wife and daughter and it says nothing about “killing himself!” This note was clearly written to Cobain’s fans telling them he was quitting the music business. There was only a short footnote to Courtney and Frances and the handwriting contained in those lines has been questioned by several handwriting experts.


Courtney was in possession of a second note after Kurt’s body was found. SHE DIDN’T TELL ANYONE about this second note until several months later when information about it slipped out during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

The second note, the one that Courtney kept in secret, clearly defines the first note which was found at the scene of Cobain’s death. The “second note” from Kurt plainly states he was leaving Courtney and he was leaving Seattle. He was NOT leaving the planet!

So, if we go along with the okie doke, on the 5th of April the singer allegedly went into his green house and committed suicide.

On Thursday April the 7th ~ two days after a medical examiner notes Cobain shot himself and the day before his body was found police say Courtney Love was taken to a LA area hospital for a drug overdose and later checked herself into a rehab center but left soon after a friend called her the next day with news of Cobain’s death.

Cobain’s body was found when an electrician visiting the house to install a security system went round the back of the house when no one answered the front door and peered through windows. He thought he saw a mannequin sprawled on the floor until he noticed a splotch of blood by Cobain’s ear. When police broke down the door they found Cobain dead on the floor, a shotgun still pointed at his chin and on a nearby counter a suicide note written in red ink addressed to Love and the couples then 19 month old daughter Frances Bean.

The “suicide note” ended with the words “I love you, I love you.”

The Conspiracy….

One of the main proponents of the existence of a conspiracy surrounding Cobain’s death is Tom Grant, the private investigator employed by Courtney Love after Cobain’s disappearance from rehab. Grant was still under Love’s employ when Cobain’s body was found. Grant believed that Cobain’s death was in fact a homicide, his entertainment attorney Rosemary Carroll also was in agreement and stated on multiple occasions that she felt something was terribly wrong with the case.

Noting that Cobain’s levels of heroin in his bloodstream being 1.52 milligrams per liter, which Grant argued prevented Cobain from being able to shoot himself.

During the course of the case Grant was given access to Cobain’s suicide note which he made a photocopy.  After studying the note, Grant believed that it was actually a letter written by Cobain announcing his intent to leave his wife, Seattle and the music business. The investigator believed the few lines at the very bottom of the note, separate from the rest of it, are the only parts that sound like a suicide note. He believed– those exact lines were written in a style that varies from the rest of the letter, suggesting that they were written by someone other than Cobain. While the official report on Cobain’s death concluded that Cobain wrote the note, Grant claims the official report did not distinguish the questionable lines from the rest of the note.

Grant claims to have consulted with handwriting experts who support his assertion. Other experts disagree, however, when Dateline NBC sent a copy of the note to four different handwriting experts, one concluded that the entire note was in Cobain’s hand, while the other three said the sample was inconclusive. One expert contacted by the television series Unsolved Mysteries noted the difficulty in drawing a conclusion, given that the note being studied was a photocopy, not the original. Click here to read the actual hand written “suicide note.”

After several months of investigation, including dozens of taped interviews with Cobain’s closest friends and family, the detective reached the conclusion that Courtney Love and Michael Dewitt, ( the male nanny who lived at the Cobain residence), were involved in a conspiracy that resulted in the murder of Kurt Cobain.

According to Grant this was not the first attempt on the singers life by his wife, however, it was obviously the first to succeed.

What most fans did not know was that Kurt was leaving Courtney, he wanted a divorce and just weeks prior to his death she asked one of her attorneys to get the meanest most viscous divorce lawyers they could find.

The Courtney Love connection is definitely plausible and doable with the help of the elite. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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Interestingly, twenty years after Cobain’s death, Seattle Police released for the first time, photos of the singers body. (see below) One of which shows an image of his arm with a hospital identification bracelet around his wrist. The other shows a box of shotgun shells inches away from Cobain’s foot. The photographs taken at the scene allegedly remained undeveloped until recently, when the department announced it had developed the film as part of a re-examination of the superstar’s death investigation, first reported by CBS affiliate KIRO-TV.

Seattle Police Department

Speaking on reasons they decided to release the photos, an Seattle Police Department spokeswoman said a cold case detective reviewing the case file found several rolls of undeveloped film. The spokeswoman noted the images contained “nothing Earth-shattering,” and that the long-closed investigation had not been reopened.

Seattle Police Department

The autopsy that was performed on the Nirvana lead showed three times the normal lethal dose of heroin. Such a quantity of the drug in his bloodstream would have left him incapacitated and caused him to lapse into a coma in seconds, or would have killed him instantly.

When you read about his death and how it transpired it’s understandable how conspiracy theorists insist he would have been in no condition to carefully pull the needle from his arm, put his drug paraphernalia back into a cigar box, roll down and button his sleeves and then pick up a Remington 20-gauge shotgun. But I digress.

Another Conspiracy Theory? Kurt Cobain Was Murdered!

But why would someone harm such a famous musician? Maybe it was because Kurt was leaving hidden clues and messages in his pictures, videos and songs.

The picture seen below is found in the album booklet of ‘In Utero,’ it seems to be a normal promo pic — but it isn’t. This is one of Kurt’s first messages. If you flip the picture, look closely.

Do you see it? His shirt shows 911 and a plane crashing into the 11, which symbolizes the Twin Towers.

There is also another clue in this picture. This (seen below) is an Illuminati symbol. The Illuminati is a great secret service within the Government. In Kurt’s picture he is mimicking the Illuminati’s “single eye.”

The eye in the Illuminati symbol is also known as “The Eye if Lucifer”.

Wait, there are more clues!

This picture (above) is from Nirvana’s video “Heartshaped Box” where Lucifer is climbing up the cross to die. Zoomed in there is a 911 clear as day on the bottom of the cross. You wonder how could Kurt have known about 9 1 1 almost a decade before it actually happened?

It’s because in the music business artists are offered money, riches and fame if they side with the Illuminati. If they refuse to side with them, the artist is usually brought up on false charges, typically involving drug usage, depicting irrational violent schizophrenic behavior or even sex crimes amongst others.

So, did Cobain really commit suicide or did the Illuminati kill him because he knew too much and was giving out trade secrets of sorts?

We may never know for sure, but many anti-Illuminati messages can be found in Nirvana’s recordings including, “Smells like Teen Spirit, “John Dillinger Died for You” can be heard when playing the record backwards and in “Heart-Shaped Box” on the second verse it says “Dear Mary, who is near my first note book. They should know, one fake corpse, they call me idiot.”

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The Illuminati definitely has some sort of connection to the devil and interestingly — members of the Illuminati are given journals or as Kurt calls it, “My First Notebook.”

So how did Kurt know and attempt to warn us about 9/11 before it even happened?

What do you think? (Share in the comments below)

Continuing down the Illuminati brick road — a couple years ago an interview started circulating around the internet from someone by the name of Fred Kelso. I couldn’t find any transcripts and apparently the true identify of this guy remains elusive. To provide a little background information, Keslo was an orderly at the Exodus Recovery Center in Los Angeles during 1994, right before Cobain committed suicide. The little details available are revealing to say the the least — but, we already knew the Illuminati controlled the entertainment industry. [shrugs]

Well, while working at the rehab facility Kelso said he had numerous run ins with Cobain occurring mostly at night when there was a limited amount of staff around. There conversations were about any and everything including their families, music and even politics, however, one night in particular the two talked about something of a different nature.

Based on Kelso’s account, Cobain appeared very restless and started ranting and raving about conspiracies and how “they” were trying to use his music for all the wrong reasons. When Kelso tried to calm him down and ask about who “they” were, Cobain turned white in the face and retreated to his room. Not being discouraged, Kelso followed and tried to get him to clarify what he said. Even when pressed for details, Cobain remained tight-lipped. All he said to Kelso was that there were “forces in the world that controlled everything and nobody knows it.”

Kelso decided not to pursue the issue mostly because he just thought Cobain was acting delirious. Not until Cobain’s escape and his apparent suicide a few days later did the wheels in his mind start to turn. In the interview, Kelso states that he’s “never really been one for conspiracy theories but that it seems strange that Cobain’s death was that soon, like someone was trying to stop him or something.”

While “Kelso” was clear that Cobain had never mentioned the Illuminati, it was the only explanation that fit the circumstances.

Nirvana’s Rise to Fame

Nirvana was an underground group that emerged almost over night and gained a tremendous following. Cobain was always  very outspoken about his liberal politics. At the time, the Illuminati may have seen him as a potential tool to help with their mind control through music and entertainment. However, Cobain’s non-conformist style and refusal to follow a specific pattern for writing lyrics probably didn’t sit well with those only interested in propaganda. Realizing that the lead singer could not be controlled may have led the Illuminati to move toward their next strategy, elimination. It’s also possible that Cobain’s excessive drug use and other issues may also have originated with the secret society.

Regardless of the “Kelso” interview’s authenticity, the possibility of a Cobain conspiracy is very real. Only artists that can be controlled by the major records producers will make it and continue to perform. Those like Cobain, who are true artists, will never succeed for long. Because to the Illuminati, the entertainment industry is just another mind control method. Independent rebels need not apply.

The 27th Club

According to, the 27 Club is one of the most famous (and creepy) things about pop culture, with so many great talents having met their end at age 27. The premature death of dozens of icons over the past decades has left the world bereft of natural talent, allowing the music and entertainment industry to promote manufactured bands! Plane crashes and drug overdose are a common cause of death for the rich and famous….many more, like Marilyn Monroe or Brian Jones, have died in mysterious circumstances. Sadly Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Chris Bell, Dave Alexander, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Ham, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Amy Winehouse, Kristen Pfaff amongst countless others made the list as well.

Hotwire US

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

What are your thoughts? Have an opinion? Leave in the comments below.

Kurt Cobain speaks out Against the Elite

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When I was I teenager growing up on the north side of Chicago, I used to stand in the middle of my bedroom, with my huge headphones on and air guitar along with my first piece of vinyl Foreigner 4. I pretended I was a Rock God. You bet my too portly for spandex ass did! I would picture myself onstage next to Lou Gramm just jamming out and shouting Urgent! Urgent! Emergency!

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Midwestern teens like me were the poster children for being dreamers in the Midwest. Frustrated creative types like me wished we were on the road, living the lyrics of the songs like Living on a Prayer and Don’t Stop Believin’ after our long shift of asking people if they would like fries with their McDLTs.

I first saw the stage version of the musical Rock of Ages at the Pantages in Hollywood two summers ago.  Sure the plot was simplistic enough. Sexy and sultry Sherrie gets off the Greyhound from Tulsa, to find fame and fortune while walking the hopeless streets of Hollywood.
A seemingly kind streetwalker snatched her bag and a young Sunset Strip bar back Drew (then played by Constantine Margolis) came to her rescue. The second he took the stage with aspirations of becoming a rock star, that’s when my FM antennas went up. I was jettisoned back to my bedroom all over again, and got goose bumps remembering my own journey of dreams I made from Chicago to Hollyweird 12 years ago.

The musical had a live rock band onstage that gave it a very in your face feel. So I was very skeptical when the inevitable movie version was announced. I heard director Adam Shankman was doing this screen redux as well, and I had enjoyed his take on John Water’s Hairspray a few years back.  But I was afraid the live concert feel would be lost on screen.

Shankman’s penchant for stunt casting didn’t help. I never liked seeing John Travolta in a fat suit in Hairspray; it always urked me. For Rock of Ages, I wasn’t buying that pretty boy Tom Cruise could pull off the pivotal role of Stacee Jaxx, the pock-marked, burnt out metal head that was too lost to find himself.

Well, it turns out Shankman has done a serviceable, but homogenized job with his screen version of Rock, The grittiness and profanity of the R rated stage version has been toned down drastically for PG 13 consumption. The raw dark sides of all of the characters have been given a sheen, so they never seem as if they are in peril. The cinematic versions of the characters are a bit too Shankman pretty.

Knockout Julianne Hough plays the screen version of Sherrie. Sure she can sure belt a tune but she barely looks like she has ever gotten a pimple, let alone could handle her rough and tumble job at the aptly titled Bourbon Room.  And Diego Boneta as her onscreen love interest Drew is such a lanky pretty boy that it seems like a beer keg would crush him if he tried to lift it.  The stage actors all had a snarl and bite that truly made you feel for them when they were rescued by the love only power ballad’s could express. They weren’t the chiseled specimens Shankman has envisioned.

Also gone are the scary undertones of the plot. The promiscuous sex and bacchanal excess is gone. The stage musical was a smashed Jack Daniels bottle tribute to the Sunset Strip. Whereas Shankman’s is more like the wine cooler Sherrie is drinking as she picnics with Drew, waiting to be wooed.

Get Led Zeppelin T-Shirts & Merch from Rock.comThank goodness Shankman doesn’t tease when it comes to directing production numbers.  The Strip’s sepia tones have been pumped up to Technicolor. He captures the vast scale of the stage in abundance. All of your favorite songs from the hair metal days by Poison, Foreigner, Journey and others are blasted full throttle.  Hot male and female bodies fly around the screen with cleverly choreographed slick gusto.  Actors that would seem like unlikely singers: Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand as the Bourbon Room’s owner and sidekick, Malin Ackerman as a spitfire Rolling Stone writer, Catherine Zeta Jones as a bitch on wheels politico trying to clean up the sin of the Strip, all give flawless performances.

Then there’s Tom Cruise.  Yes, I hate to say it but he truly steals the show and Shankman’s stunt casting pays off in spades.  His real life over the top persona fits right in with the scotch-fueled fallen rock god attitude of Stacee Jaxx. He goes right along with the lampoon of Axl Rose, embracing the ridiculousness of the excesses: the alleged Satan worship, the debauchery, the monkey named Hey Man. He is the real heart and soul of the film, making us actually hope he will be rescued from his den of inequity.

Rock of Ages is a crowd pleaser that is for sure.  But part of me really wished Shankman would have kept the blemishes and tattoos of the stage version.  Sure I sang along to all of the songs all the way up to Guns and Roses’ Paradise City over the closing credits. But I was only feeling nostalgia after the screen version; whereas I wasn’t feeling the personal connection I felt when I left the stage version.

I wanted to put the headphones on again and remember being a Juke Box Hero.  Instead I only felt like I was watching a poseur cover band.




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