Ready to start? Here are a few of EOTM’s  tips for finding love online  in 2014:
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Start

    It seems like a no brainer, but just signing up can be one of the biggest setbacks singles have to overcome. Joining an online dating site shows you’re proactive and trying to find a partner. Plus, with the rise of dating apps, online dating is now something you can do on the go from multiple devices.

  • Update Your Profile

    Now that you’ve registered for a website, uploaded some photos, filled out your profile and sent some messages, your work should be done, right? Not quite. Every few weeks or months, make some updates to your profile to include new interests or a new outlook on what you’re looking for in a relationship. hoto — you should try changing or adding a new one every month or so.

  • Ditch The Selfies

    Selfies were so 2013. This year, avoid selfies in front of the mirror, in a car, at the gym or anywhere for that matter. Have a friend take a picture of you and don’t forget to show off your pearly whites.

  • Don’t Over think Your Own Profile

    Sometimes people get deterred from online dating if they’re stumped while putting together their profiles. It’s important to be unique in your About Me section, but if you can’t think of the perfect witty description, then type something simple, and return to it when you’re feeling more inspired.

  • Upload A Silly Picture

    There’s no doubt a simple picture is essential for your online dating profile, but putting up an additional silly photo can help show off your personality a little more.

  • Make Time

    Online dating isn’t that different from offline dating; both take time. Try setting one day a week to go on dates. For example, if Wednesdays work for your schedule, then give yourself several days before Wednesday to connect with someone online and set a date.

  • Set Goals & Give Him a Chance

    Have you really thought about what you want out of your online dating experience? To help, try setting numeric goals.