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It’s On! EOTM Media Is Having a Black Friday – Online Publicity

Published by EOTM News Editor on November 29th, 2013 - in Breaking News, EOTM News, Press Releases, Publicity

EPR is here to help if you need us – ask about our tailored public relations and request your free pr/marketing consultation. Sometimes, a little help can go a long way. We’re here to provide hands on services for your entire PR needs one hour or project at a time.

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Why AZitiZ music is Fundamental to Hip Hop


AZitiZ is constructing a new narrative of gender relationships that values communication, respect, thoughtfulness, and spirituality along with positive affirmations of shared black identity which transcends gender inequalities. Creating a social balance for the lovers of music in all genre’s” said Carla B.

Listen to her latest singles, City of Love & Industry Influence now and share your opinions below.

Are you a hip hop fan? How is AZitiZ music affecting music lovers? Share on twitter – and follow EOTM! Online via @eotmpr

Pop|Funk|Rock and Roll|Swiss Barbie Bone arrives

Published by EOTM News Editor on July 10th, 2011 - in Celebrity News, Hip Hop Artists, Music, Publicity

Swiss Barbie Bone

Not Just a Trend

She is here to Stay!

When Swiss Barbie Bone was a little girl, she would sing into her decorated pink, purple and green painted brush to Cyndi Lauper’s, “Girls just want to have Fun,” twirling to melodies that were her existence, her meaning. The precocious Swiss Barbie in the making would dance around the table using bread sticks as batons and just as easy create the prettiest tea party dress from a sheet of fabric and finger paint.

It’s no wonder that little girl from Oakland turned into the exhibitionist, multi talented pop artist – songwriter – fashion designer with a flair for theatrics.

“I was always an entertainer,” says Swiss Barbie – who without a doubt created a major buzz for herself virally.

Born and raised in the Bay area to a middle class couple, the young Barbie — who is in her twenties was a well-adjusted kid.  She was okay being different than the neighborhood kids, in fact it helped her to recognize her outre’ sense of style as a recording artist, in fashion, in performance and in her music videos.

After high school she continued to study music and performance honing in on her craft.

Her parents, creative souls themselves allowed her the freedom to become who she chose to become and for this, we thank them.

Swiss Barbie Bone started writing music at a very young age and eventually began writing hooks for some of the hottest names in the hip hop game. Before her debut into music she worked behind the scenes managing hip hop artist, working with labels such as Cash Money via promotions as well as casting some of Hollywood’s A-lister’s.

“ I always loved pop, rock and rhythm & blues. When I discovered Cindi Lauper, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Grace Jones, Josephine Baker and Marilyn Monroe is when it really came together for me and I realized I could do whatever I wanted to do, there were no limits,” says Swiss. “I look at those artists as icons in art and that is where I live as an artist and that is what I want to accomplish.”

Like any worthy performance artist, Swiss Barbie Bone actively encourages debate and speculation about everything Swiss Barbie Bone.

“If they are talking about me, that’s a good thing..I must be doing something right. This is what I was made for, I will be here for awhile..get use to it,” says SBB.

“It’s Barbie” the single is now available for download.


A Couple Reasons why Celebrities Flock to EOTM PR

Published by EOTM News Editor on May 22nd, 2011 - in Breaking News, EOTM News, Public Relations, Publicity

Celebrity Red Carpet Hosting

We are a specialty pr firm who carefully manages our client flow so that we have the time and energy to dedicate to every person that we represent.

Celebrity Publicist Carla B at the Oscars - 2011

Photo Credit: Visual Tellers

EOTM PR’s celebrity services division organizes events for any occasion and on any scale. We do blow out celebrity gala’s, like the Academy Awards, the Grammy’s, Image Awards to smaller scale, more intimate celebrity events. We bring that much needed energy and excitement to each and every event.

Carla B and Actor Michael Jai White at Image Awards - Photo Credit: Visual Tellers

Carla B and Teangelo Hosts 83rd Annual Academy Awards Pre Show

Celebrity Publicist Carla B, Actress Sanaa Lathan and Media Host Teangelo

Our celebrity services division, run by a team of experienced celebrity and lifestyle publicists, offers a variety of buzz-generating options which include product placement with influencers. We specialize in celebrity procurement at events and red carpet premieres and we work with you and a wide range of talent to negotiate unique programs and hosts through our relationships in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami.

Carla and Celebrity Photographer Jim Steinfeldt

Celebrity Publicist Carla B and Rapper/Actor 50 Cent

From large scale A-list events to small in-store appearances, EOTM’s celebrity team will handle your celebrity event from start to finish.

Beyond the celebrity realm, the team is also connected to key influencers in cities like New York, LA, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago. Whether it’s a celebrity fashion designer or stylist in LA or a socialite in Atlanta, EOTM can make the connection and increase brand visibility through movers and shakers in different markets.





Contact Carla Barnes today for a free pr/marketing consultation at 213-290-3573 or email

New Media Company: EOTM TV

EOTM is here with all your new media, radio, entertainment, public relations, marketing and event
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EOTM TV – The source for breaking news, pop culture, indie films, music videos, celebrity interviews, talk interactive radio and so much more. EOTM is here with all your new media, radio, entertainment, public relations, marketing and event solutions. Our goal is to partner with you to create, facilitate and grow. Click here to be redirected to EOTM TV. Download a copy of EOTM’s 2011 Media Kit.

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Got a Budget: get the Power of Publicity

Published by EOTM Press Room on May 7th, 2011 - in Public Relations, Publicity

No matter what type of business you’re in, you can’t beat the power of publicity for drawing attention to all that you have to offer.  Whether you’re selling green tea, music or looking for more acting gigs, your exceptional products or services won’t matter if your target market doesn’t know about you.  Simply put, it’s your opportunity to put a friendly face on your business/service and acquaint the marketplace with who you are and what you do.

The nightly news and daily newspapers are still here. But, they are evolving too. We understand that a media outlet has more than one avenue. Your customers can still find you by tuning in, or turning a page.

However, the added dimension of social media means they can also receive their news via tweet, RSS feed, a post or blog. Traditional PR channels still exist and we work with them every day. But the power of PR lies in understanding that more than one publicity opportunity resides within each outlet.

EOTM Public Relations is a innovative and aggressive PR firm that delivers results. Regardless of your industry, we understand that you need to have your story told by the media in order to build awareness… and more importantly… drive sales. Let us help!

Email or call 213-290-3573 for a free PR/Marketing consultation.

Follow me on Twitter 

Twitter Publicist always follows back…well almost always on Twitpic

Published by EOTM Press Room on March 17th, 2011 - in Public Relations, Publicity

Life’s a Tweet/Life’s a Pitch/Twitter Publicist

Published by EOTM Press Room on March 16th, 2011 - in Breaking News, EOTM News, Public Relations, Publicity

By: Twitter Publicist aka Carla B



It seems that more and more, we are turning to Twitter for the latest news and events around the world.  Even public safety officials are using Twitter to stay on top of the latest developments. We know that the public, first responders and journalists are using Twitter to learn about trends and breaking news. As of late, there has been a spike in media and pr professionals utilizing twitter to their advantage and EOTM PR is one of them.

“One way to stay on top of breaking news related to your clients is to set up searches on Twitter for general topic areas related to your client’s work.  For example, set up a search for “booking actors” and “actors” in addition to your client’s name if their work is in the entertainment field. While it may not catch all of the latest news for booking actors, you may see a few tweets relating to an upcoming casting that you can start to follow”, Carla Barnes, Senior Publicist for EOTM said in an recent interview.

Right now there is no better source for breaking news than Twitter, and EOTM PR professionals are using this to their advantage whenever possible. “You should keep your tools for monitoring Twitter open all day and check it regularly because you never know when the perfect opportunity for your client will come up”, Barnes said.

What has your Publicist tweeted for you lately?

There’s no question that Twitter is the new playground for media relations. It’s a new frontier, that when managed professionally, can serve as a powerful platform and one of the best resources for getting a message out to the masses.

Get your Twitter PR strategy today and take control of your online reputation strategy now. Contact EOTM today and request a free publicity analysis. 213-290-3573 – Email:







Call 213-290-3573 and mentioned "Premium Banner" for discount

Does Negative Publicity Help or Hurt your Business?

Published by EOTM Press Room on January 26th, 2011 - in Public Relations, Publicity, Uncategorized

By: Carla B





A couple days ago I asked this very question on my facebook page, “Does negative publicity help or hurt your business?”

In my humble opinion, I do believe negative publicity helps a business. Lots of movie stars seems to thrive on negative publicity. Several others have intentionally orchestrated negativity publicity to get into the limelight although many won’t admit it.

But there’s one word of caution here, if your business has a lousy product that no one wants or the business uses unethical means and abuses the customer’s trust then no amount of publicity positive or negative will help.

Why does negative publicity work?

I hate to say this but as a society, people love to see people fight, love to see a super star fall apart whether it’s a 50 cent, Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Our society gets its thrills from seeing successful people fall apart. Donald Trump came into the public eye when he was close to a $ 10 billion bankruptcy and in the middle of a dirty divorce. When the Gap unveiled a new logo last year, the reaction was swift, intense and very, very negative. In fact, some people detested the look so much it actually inspired them: somebody set up a Twitter account (@GapLogo) that purported to speak in the unpopular design’s voice, and someone else built a site called that made it easy to convert any short text into an imitation of the brand’s new style. The Gap tried to pivot off the negative buzz by asking the online hate mob for advice, in a sort of “crowd sourcing” gimmick, but that didn’t go over well, either. In just four days, the company capitulated and announced that it would not change its logo after all.

Britney Spears stays in the limelight for all the wrong reasons and who can forget the late great Michael Jackson from court cases to financial troubles.

I am not saying they are intentionally orchestrating negative publicity, but the point I am making is negative publicity is giving them media attention and they are getting visibility for themselves.  How they use this visibility is an entirely different ball game altogether.

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Better that people are talking about your brand than not…just my two cents.


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