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OMG! – Amanda Knox tricked into believing she had HIV

By Nana Monroe

Amanda Knox Tricked into Believing She Had HIV to Extract Lovers List


Whoa, so really? Was Amanda Knox tricked into believing she had HIV to extract a lovers list while in prison? I’m talking about that Amanda girl recently cleared of murdering her roommate, British exchange student Meredith Kercher. Yes, chile, that chick that you just wanted to grow old and die in jail but just like all your other dreams and wishes, it didn’t happen. Sucks, yes I know.

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Well, when I heard the story I thought, poetic justice indeed even if it was just a ruse.

But anyway, Knox, who is now 24 and Meredith is dead, I know – some royally f*cked up ish. Apparently she has been desperately trying to put the past behind her but that darn karma, yes yes, has a way of smacking us smack dead in the derriere.

Knox was apparently tricked into believing she had HIV to extract a lovers list. Say, what!?

Yes, this is the dirty. Some police official apparently felt this was a great tactic despite it being a tad bit unethical, but I can dig it.

According to Knox’s younger sister Deanna Knox, who shared the dirty with ABC News noting that she saw the details of the harassment firsthand while visiting her sister in prison.

There was something right in front of me and so I put my arm over it trying to cover the scribbled words, ‘Amanda is a whore,’ Deana added.

Soon after her arrest, the jail officials tricked Amanda into believing that she was HIV positive and coerced her into providing a full list of all the lovers she had slept with.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 4: Amanda Knox addresses the media during a press conference following her return to Seattle after being freed from an Italian Prison October 4, 2011 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle Washington. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Please oh please, distraught Amanda wrote in her prison diary at the time. Let it not be true. I don’t want to die. The list was also leaked to Italian tabloids and Amanda was sexually harassed by male guards on a regular basis.

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Call me hard core but I do not feel any pity for that ratchet stank killer chick. Left up to me I would have left her in a purgatory of sorts and called it time in ‘the hole’ or whatever the hell they call it in prison.