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67-Year-Old Songbird takes flight, dishes on Living Life Passions, Enchanting Music Lovers & her debut album

By Carla B.

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67-Year-Old Songbird Lourdes Duque Baron takes flight, dishes on Living Life Passions Out Loud, Enchanting Music Lovers & her debut album, ‘Feeling Good At Any Age’

There are no big secrets to making your dreams come true and doing what you’re passionate about. But there are three main ingredients found in every dream realized. They are the belief in yourself and in your dream, a heaping dose of passion and creativity and a lot of hard work. Singer, Award winning Author, Entrepreneur Lourdes Duque Baron epitomizes them all, and helps coin the phrase — “there is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born…and how you become truly alive.”

Mrs. Baron knows firsthand what it takes to make your passion your life’s work.

In epic credit to her team Baron’s star has shone brighter with each single released from her debut album ‘Feeling Good At Any Age.’  The inspiring, unyielding crooner has had a busy year, but her most highly-anticipated artistic venture in 2014 , the year of the horse — is set to release on July 12th.

Barons’ debut effort “is a big-hearted record—buoyant but reflective, a statesmanlike work of rock-and-roll, pop, reggae & Latin sounds appropriate to music lovers of all era’s. She is authentic as they come and doesn’t transform into the rolled out bad girl parody… and absurd repositioning strategy seen in mainstream music today.

Lourdes gives fellow singers new and seasoned, an invaluable object lesson on how to be a grown woman, in popular music.

The public has already seen her classy, diva-licious persona during photo shoots on the video for “Me and Mr. Jones” which features ‘X Factor’ singing sensations AKNU,( see video below) which was produced by award winning record producer, Andrew Lane.

Despite the sultriness of the marketing, Baron says the new album is “her story,” one that includes heartache and pain, faith, hope, unconditional love, acceptance and triumph.

When asked her secrets to living life’s passion in her golden years Baron says, “I knew it was about time. I had the blessings from my family and decided to go for it. It’s me, it’s my voice, it’s my perspective, one that I hope inspires a legion of dreamers,” she adds….with eyes glistening.

“Those that are fearless, tossing aside industry stereotypes to live their best life, regardless of age, size, background and economic status are my heroes…their motivation is my motivation. And all it takes is a little get up and go, everything else will fall in place. Wisdom comes with age, especially when one is at the stage where I am, still absorbing, looking and learning,” the singer added.

Noting her life changing experience from Oprah’s live your passion challenge, “I still feel like something else is coming for me, something very special. I might be 90 or 100 years old, but I’ll be able to say, I’ve got it!”

The purpose of the Oprah’s challenge was to point individuals in the direction of their life purpose so they could “live the highest and best expression of themselves.” The media mogul says “when you are finished with this life, you’ll know you have completed what you came here to do.” Noting, when you tap into your life purpose, “the dam breaks and your life flows.”  She says that everyone has a calling.

Vulnerability looks good on you, girl. We can’t wait to hear the final product!

Read music reviews from the singer’s highly-anticipate album “Feel Good At Any Age,” which drops July 12, 2014. Shortly after Baron will embark on a world tour with stops in Manila and Tokyo.

For updates on Baron’s music please visit her MTV music page.

About Lourdes Duque Baron

Lourdes Duque Baron is a solo recording artist who is also an accomplished author. She is produced and managed by multi-platinum and Billboard Award winning music producer, Andrew Lane, Drew Right Music.

About Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane is a pop-hip hop-R&B songwriter and record producer. Lane has worked with artists such as Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. As a producer and songwriter, Lane has received gold and platinum accreditation’sfor his work with R&B artists Speech, Keith Sweat, and Alsou. He also worked on the platinum-accredited records High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Disneymania 4, and Manny Fresh.


Anna Elizabeth McGrath: British actress to look out for in 2013 | Next Big Star

Published by EOTM News Editor on December 17th, 2012 - in Celebrity News, Entertainment News, Next Big Star

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Everyone likes to predict which new young actress will hit it big and EOTM! Online is no exception. This New Year get ready to be blown away by the talent, beauty and pizzaz of one fabulous actress!

Anna Elizabeth McGrath, while hardly a household name, has proven that she has charisma and talent, even in the smallest of roles. If you hurry, you can still claim that you liked her before she hits it big!

Photo Credit: Laelia Milleri

And her timing couldn’t be more prefect — considering the roles for actresses today are bigger, and the spotlight has never been brighter for female thespians.

Whether they’re launching a new potential trilogy, working Broadway or making their first leap onto the big screen, women like McGrath are taking on roles that carry major risks and major rewards.

McGrath, a graduate of the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Université de Paris II Panthéon-Assas (Paris), Australian Anna Elizabeth McGrath has been acting professionally in Dublin, Ireland since 2010. Since then she has appeared in numerous theatre pieces, television shows, short films and feature films and has performed in three languages including French , which she speaks fluently, and Irish Gaelic.

Boutine, Inc.

Earlier this year Anna starred in the Indie feature Venus de Botticelli directed by Guillaume Denier and was cast as the lead role Aphrodite (Venus).  She also most recently completed 12 episodes of an Irish web series “The Spy Master’s Apprentice”, a send-up of reality television in which eight young hopefuls vie for a position in the fictional Central European Intelligence Agency. Anna played the lead villain, a turncoat senior Field Agent in the European Intelligence Agency actually working for the bad guys.

Anna McGrath is definitely talent to watch out for and she is without a doubt part of the next wave of up-and-coming actresses to hit it big!

Photo by Ivana Patarcic


You can find more about Elizabeth McGrath by visiting her IMDB page.

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