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Unlocking Consciousness with Teal Swan

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“The heart of the matter really is the human heart. Feel your way through your reality and recognize what you are. A co-creator” – Teal Swan

In the video below Teal Swan shares her experience as a Spiritual Catalyst and survivor of ritual sexual abuse in an uncensored interview that explores mind-control, awareness, and overcoming dark forces.

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US Airways says lewd tweet was a mistake

Credit: Twitter

Not quite the model tweet by US Airways (via AFP)

US Airways rushed out an apology Monday after a graphic sexual image was tweeted from its official Twitter account in response to a disgruntled customer. The company has been known to respond rapidly and gracefully to complaints on social media, particularly…



Top News: Romney Wades Into Chicago Teachers Strike Debate

Top News: Romney Wades Into Chicago Teachers Strike Debate (via NewsLook)

Other headlines: Trenton Mayor Tony Mack arrested in corruption probe; Yemen says it’s killed AQAP second-in-command; GoDaddy DDoS attack.