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Compare Advertising on your Local Radio Station to Internet Radio Advertising on EOTM

  • First off let’s break down what’s really good audio content.
  1. Good audio content is anything that keeps listeners through the next minute, simply put.

What’s important in your community –

When responding to community needs, the relationship that’s built with a local radio station and it’s audience has always been solid..or at least for the most part. The argument though is that programs airing on local stations have diminished amounts of local content. Few stations, particularly mainstream are responding to community needs.

We Global…so we Local…

What internet radio was founded under –

On the internet side of this fence, there are few online radio stations that can claim to have a “program” of any sense – community or interest-oriented, EOTM is the exception. The lowest common demoninator for online streams is talk radio and music. EOTM Radio’s content is a plethora of talk/music radio shows focusing on a wide variety of cultural views and  an abundance of songs that does not necessarily resemble each other, which creates a more positive listening experience that keeps listeners coming back.

Media consumption has changed to where the 35 and below crowd chooses how it spends time not by program or radio personality, but by CONTENT.

Production quality demands are no longer high. Popularity is measured by the number of persons who have listened to the content, which can be tracked online with reasonable accuracy. When the “content” that interests them is gone, listeners will not stick around to hear the rest of the “program.”

With EOTM Radio we poll internet radio listeners as well as local and national mainstream broadcasts to discover what they would like to hear and discuss which creates somewhat of a bandwagon campaign good enough to capture the word of mouth which required to take it viral.

As I stated at the top of the blog, “good audio content is anything that keeps listenership through the next minute”. Want more of it?

Listen to EOTM RadioInquire about our radio/sponsor opts.

Marketing/Public Relations Intern

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a reliable, organized, intelligent and highly driven individual who is interested in a career in Marketing and Public Relations. Our prospective Marketing and Public Relations Intern would be working hands on with our experienced PR/Marketing team to maintain all aspects of our Marketing and P.R. campaigns.

get Happy with EOTM

* Prior internship and/ or professional experience in Marketing and P.R. is a plus
* Currently attending a college or university and pursuing a degree in a related field (Public Relations, Marketing, Communication etc.)
* Strong email, computer and internet skills (Photoshop and InDesign are a plus)
* Highly organized with excellent follow up skills and extreme attention to detail
* Multitasking and prioritizing capabilities
* Strong written and verbal skills
* An individual who will work diligently and complete projects on time

* Maintaining, updating and organizing all social media outlets. This includes:
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs
* Cultivating a strong blogging and forum presence on related sites
* Compiling and maintaining stock of press kits
* Creating, organizing and maintaining press book
* Assists with the distribution of information/materials to the press
* Proofread press releases, newsletters, blogs and other copy
* Research general industry trends, brainstorm creative pitch angles
* Assist with press events, compile attendee lists and coordinate mailings

About us:


During the past three years, EOTM Radio & Media Group has become the new voice of the Entrepreneurial, PR and the Internet Radio community. With our innovative approach to integrating engaging entertainment interviews with equally alluring and informative business segments and press releases. Not to mention the launching of the new EOTM social networking site dedicated to shining light on Entrepreneurs on all levels. EOTM is documenting the present successes and triumphs of our community, by building on the accomplishments of the past and helping to seek higher levels of success for the future. EOTM is actively involved in the transformation, by shaping and perpetuating the continuity of our communities.
Schedule is flexible. Additionally, we are looking for someone who can work consistently with us for at minimum one semester. Although this internship is unpaid, we are willing to offer you: valuable hands on experience, stellar references, class credit and most importantly, beneficial exposure to the world of marketing and public relations.

Please visit our link for more info.


Become a SUPER EOTM Intern today!

Published by EOTM News Editor on May 27th, 2010 - in Internships

EOTM is an nationally acclaimed producer and distributor of internet radio news, music, talk, and entertainment programming. We seek talented students to work in challenging internship positions throughout the organization. Our internships offer hands-on opportunities to impact EOTM and internet radio. And, we work with our interns to help them develop skills in their chosen areas and network with staff and individuals in their professions.

Thank you for your interest in the internship with EOTM. Please note, the applications deadline is June 14, 2010.

Internship Program Information

The EOTM Internship Program is designed to provide students and recent graduates with an opportunity to learn about broadcasting and the supporting areas of EOTM. EOTM offers internships at its national headquarters in Atlanta as well as all other States within the US borders.
Eligibility: A candidate must be an undergraduate student, or have graduated from college within twelve months of beginning the internship. Internship applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.
General Information: Internships are non paid, however, interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between the EOTM Radio & Media Human Resources Division and the intern’s college or university.

Application Procedures: Candidates must complete an internship application form (you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this file) and submit it with a cover letter and resume. Some internship positions require additional application items, such as a writing sample. All application items must be submitted as a complete package. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please note: Due to the large volume of applications, we are unable to notify applicants who are not selected for internships.

Fax or email applications to:
EOTM Radio & Media
Human Resources Department
Fax – (909) 527-3661

Please direct your questions and concerns to

Current Internship Opportunities

Following is a list of internship positions available at EOTM. The exact internships offered vary from semester to semester. On the application form, applicants should indicate all internships they are interested in.

All Things Considered (Typically offered all three semesters)

Conducts research for daily stories and long-term projects; books interviews; retrieves archival mp3; attends editorial meetings as scheduled; and helps get the program on the air, which includes performing routine administrative tasks. He/she should have an interest in the news and be prepared to offer story ideas. A liberal arts background – an individual majoring in religion, history, art, etc. is preferred. In addition to the regular application items, candidates must submit a writing sample.

All Things Considered, Opinions (Typically offered all three semesters)

Works with All Things Considered on commentaries and opinions; assists with writing headlines and building Web pages. The ideal candidate is a news junkie with a flair for writing and the arts whose first instinct is to go to the opinion pages and read op-eds and essays. He/she should have good news judgment, and writing experience. Experience on a school newspaper is very helpful, op-ed page experience even better.

All Songs Considered (Typically offered all three semesters)

Helps produce and direct EOTM Radio shows using html, EOTM’s content Management System on Blogtalk, and Photoshop; auditions CD for possible review; contacts labels for CD acquisition; acts as liaison with artists(guest(s); helps secure clearances for use of material on site; researches and fact checks for artist reviews. Required: Strong writing skills; love of music and news local and abroad; working knowledge of HTML; working knowledge of Photoshop. Preferred: experience in music-related field, for example: music degree or music study, radio DJ, music journalism or experience writing music reviews.

Arts & Information Desk Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Sets-up interviews; greets and escorts interview guests; logs mp3 of shows; conducts story research for reporters and editors and participates in story production; sorts mail; answers phone; assists with development and maintenance of obituary project sound files; and participates in staff meetings and projects as required. Candidates should be interested in the arts, journalism, digital technology, history and other areas of cultural expression. Strong research skills, computer literacy, and knowledge of Blog talk programming preferred. In addition to the regular application items, candidates must submit a writing sample.

Audience Insight and Research Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Interested in first-hand exposure to media research and strategy? Consider an internship with our team, which acts as an internal research consultant to all EOTM departments. Interns work closely with staff from across the country to bring audience insights into the center of decision making. Tasks include analyzing listener habits and demographics, working with surveys, answering research requests from employees, and becoming familiar with databases like Arbitron and Nielsen. A keen ability to synthesize and present information (written and graphic) is important. Experience with survey work and research is a plus.

Audio Engineering Internship: (Typically offered in the Summer semester)

Shadows a Broadcast/Recording Technician to learn the operation of the record centrals and broadcast studios. Has the opportunity for hands-on practice on the technical equipment. Does simple feed recordings and mixes. Candidates with technical experience and/or background preferred.

Communications/ Marketing and Branding: (Typically offered all three semesters)
Assists in the planning and development of activities and materials designed to increase awareness of EOTM stations and EOTM programming among the widest possible audience and strengthen the image of NPR and its Member stations as leaders in the media industry and their communities. The intern will support the department in its work to strengthen station relations by creating materials (articles, press releases, advertisement, e-marketing content, etc.) for use in efforts to raise awareness, promoting listening, and increase revenue to Member stations; and responding to Member Station request for assistance and materials. Communications, marketing, or public relations major preferred. Experience using Microsoft Word, the Internet and general computer proficiency is required; previous office experience is a plus. Strong writing skills are required. In addition to the regular application items, candidates must submit a writing sample.
Communications/Creative Design Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)
Works on graphic and web projects in conjunction with Creative Services staff; actively participates in creative and production process, organizes and maintains print and electronic files for the group; and assists in day-to-day administrative tasks. Graphic or Publication Design major needed. Experience using both Mac and PC platforms preferred. Solid writing, communications, and organizational skills required.

Communications/Media Relations Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)
Become a member of EOTM’s Media Relations team, and take part in the exciting and fast-paced work of media and publicity. As an intern in the Media Relations Department, you will learn about pitching print and broadcast journalists, developing publicity plans and writing press releases. The media relations intern will gain valuable experience by assisting in the publicity of EOTM programs, personalities and breaking news. The intern will actively participate in researching media contacts, maintaining press lists and databases, compiling press kits and writing press releases and media advisories. Journalism, Communications, Public Relations or Marketing major preferred; experience using Microsoft Word, the Internet and general computer proficiency is required. Strong writing skills are required. Previous office experience is a plus. In addition to the regular application items, candidates must submit a writing sample that clearly demonstrates creative writing skills.
Corporate Business Development: (Typically offered in the Summer semester only)
EOTM’s Business Development explores potential new revenue streams, analyzes potential investments, and internal business development opportunities to (1) strengthen EOTM’s existing businesses (2) maintain an interest in the developing new media and broadband environment and (3) strengthen and extend the educational mission of Internet Radio. The position offers unique exposure to both the traditional media industry as well as the developing broadband and new media environment. Responsibilities include assisting in analyzing new media markets, evaluating business plans and opportunities, developing project plans, financial modeling and performing due diligence activities. The position works closely with each of EOTM’s Divisions to identify and facilitate new business development. The ideal candidate will be a current MBA student, possess an interest in and aptitude for EOTM’s core broadcasting and new media businesses, the ability to work independently and represent EOTM with potential partners, the ability to perform strategic analysis of new media opportunities, experience and interest in technology, strong financial analysis skills, and strong written and oral communication skills.

Corporate Sponsorship Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Provides general support to Corporate Sponsorship Department. Helps update, assemble, and send out promotional and effectiveness materials to sponsorship representatives and sponsors; reviews underwriting credit affidavits from member stations and prepares discrepancy reports; and monitors member stations online for compliance with EOTM’ sponsorship announcements and schedules. Requires proficiency with standard personal and office computing programs (knowledge of PowerPoint a plus), ability to perform tasks accurately under deadlines, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and organizational skills.

Development Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Join EOTM’s growing Development team and gain valuable experience in fundraising, communications, and event planning. The intern supports the Development team in its overall fundraising efforts and plays an integral role in planning and implementing events at EOTM’s headquarters. Other responsibilities include a variety of writing assignments, research, office organization, and database management. Intern must be flexible, creative, and have the ability to manage projects independently. Interest in public radio and fundraising preferred.
Digital Media, Arts & Entertainment Editorial Internship: (Typically offered all three sem

Edits and produces Web and podcast content for Books, Movies and other Arts sections on Assists with writing and editing news and feature coverage; assists in building Web pages and multimedia elements using HTML and tools such as Photoshop, Home site, Soundslides amd Sound Forge; researches stories and performs administrative tasks. Required: demonstrated record of creative accomplishment; demonstrated passion for books, movies and the arts generally; demonstrated excellence in writing and editing; creativity and ability to be flexible; ability to work quickly, accurately and under deadline. Preferred: news writing and editing strongly preferred; experience with Web or multimedia production.

Digital Media, Business Internship: (Typically offered in the Fall and Summer semesters)

Supports the business operations of EOTM Online, EOTM’’s Web site. Plays in integral role in researching, analyzing and assisting in strategic business planning and execution. Potential projects could include analyzing site usage patterns to extract business related data, developing and analyzing user surveys, researching business models and assisting in the development of strategic plans for MBA students or undergraduate business majors preferred. A strong marketing background, and some experience with online commerce and e-business is preferred. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel as well as solid writing, communication, and organizational skills required.

Digital Media, Consumer Products: (Typically offered in all three semesters)
Interested in learning about licensing and how consumer products are developed? Assist in product development of successful line of spoken-word CDs that utilize the EOTM content. You’ll listen to hours of interesting EOTM content and help decide which pieces are included on shows. Also learn about licensing, rights clearance and help in production of master CD. Candidates studying marketing or library science preferred. Ideal candidate must be self-motivated, an independent worker and organized. Familiarity with Microsoft Word; Excel and Microsoft Office a plus.

Digital Media, Design Group: (Typically offered in all three semesters)
Participates in the creative and production processes required for daily updates to, including designing information graphics, charts, graphs, interactive elements, and icons as necessary. The ideal candidate is enthusiastic about great design, public radio and how they translate to the digital realm to create great user experiences. Strong organizational and communication skills necessary. Must be able to work under tight deadlines. Graphic or Interactive Design major required. Experience using both Mac and PC platforms preferred. Basic knowledge of HTML and Web production required, Flash experience is a plus. Proficient with Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc). Must present an online portfolio showing exceptional design talent through basic knowledge of good typography, color theory, and graphic design principles and processes.

Digital Media, Marketing Internship: (Typically offered in the Summer semester only)
The Digital Media, Marketing intern will focus on marketing EOTM. The ideal candidate will be a creative an independent person, preferably an MBA candidate, who can help to craft and implement our new agendas. This person will work in conjunction with Creative Services and other departments as needed with a goal of getting mainstream press attention for our Shop and products for the next holiday season. They will be responsible for identifying avenues and strategies which will best serve to promote EOTM products especially during the critical holiday season, writing copy, making contacts, and following through to ensure marketing and promotional opportunities will come to fruition. They will also support other efforts within the group as needed.
Digital Media – EOTM’s Product Management Internship: (Typically offered in all three semesters)
Assist members of the business development digital media group with SEO, search engine marketing, internal search, aggregated topic pages, email newsletters, widgets, external EOTM web applications (e.g. iGoogle, Google Chrome Extension, etc.), RSS and web marketing and business development. Help manage and create new web products for EOTM, run email marketing campaigns, manage web distribution channels and report on product performance. Skills required include: a high degree of web/Internet fluency; comfortable and familiar with social media networks and tools; HTML skills; basic knowledge of web content distribution channels like RSS, email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook and search engines; basic knowledge of web graphic manipulation/editing; and proficiency in MS Office Suite.

Digital Media, Picture and Multimedia Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Under the supervision and direction of EOTM Picture and Multimedia editor, assists with editing photos for news and feature coverage on Works with the continuous news desk and digital news team to assist with visual story development, including editing of staff and freelance photos, preparation of photos for the website, and building of photo and audio galleries. Experience needed in online photo and audio editing. Must have excellent writing, researching and editing skills, and ability to work quickly, accurately and under deadline. Flexibility and creativity needed. Still and video shooting skills a plus, although this is primarily an editing internship. Please send a list of links or a CD of multimedia projects if available.

Digital Media, Technical Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)
Under the supervision and direction of EOTM Online technical staff members, Intern will gain valuable experience building, producing, and supporting the general operations of a Web site: assisting in building Web pages; encoding audio for online use; performing routine administrative tasks; documenting systems and applications; developing dynamic page templates; testing Web-enabled applications; and researching potential technical solutions. The ideal candidate will possess a solid, working knowledge of and experience using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some experience with relational databases. Experience with JSP, JHTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, Photoshop, HomeSite, Sound Forge, UNIX, Linux and/or UML very helpful but not required. Proficiency in Microsoft Visio, as well as solid writing, communication, and organizational skills required. Ability to work quickly and accurately under deadline is key. The ideal candidate will be interested in Web application development and eager to discover creative solutions to technical challenges. Preferred courses of study include: Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Information Architecture, Systems Architecture, Systems Engineering, and/or Audio Engineering.

Digital News, Editorial Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Under the supervision and direction of EOTM editorial and production staff members, the intern assists with writing, researching, and updating news and feature coverage on the EOTM Web site; assists in building Web pages using HTML and the content management system, as well as tools such as Photoshop, HomeSite, Sound Forge, and the FTP client; and performs routine administrative tasks. Interest and knowledge in current events and the Web required. Experience preferred in writing and reporting, and in Web production. Must have excellent writing, researching and editing skills, and ability to work quickly, accurately and under deadline pressure. Flexibility and creativity a plus.

Executive Producer, Intern Edition Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Manages Intern Edition (student/intern) staff activities and production of Intern Edition audio program. Arranges and conducts interviews of candidates for Intern Edition senior staff positions; leads all Intern Edition staff meetings; oversees story assignment process; collaborates with Senior Editor in scheduling and enforcing deadlines; assists with reporting, writing, editing and music selections for the program; ensures a finished product (Intern Edition radio show) that is completed on deadline; works with supervisor in resolving logistical issues and other conflicts; and provides logistical support to Intern Edition Project Manager and NPR Professional Staff related to training interns for Intern Edition job duties. Senior level undergraduate or graduate student with degree in journalism or broadcast journalism; project management experience helpful; excellent and demonstrated writing and editing skills and verbal communication skills; strong organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills; resourceful and able to work well within a team as well as independently. In addition to the regular application items, candidates must submit a journalism-related work sample.

Finance Internship – Accounting: (Typically offered all three semesters)

Typically the intern will split their time in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll departments; assist with data entry, bank deposits, filing of check copies, invoices and time sheets and researching customer inquiries; experience in Microsoft Excel and general computer proficiency is required and previous office experience is a plus
Finance Internship – Treasury: (Typically offered in the Summer semester)

The EOTM Treasury office has a number of interesting activities scheduled for the summer 2010, including its annual risk management assessment, ongoing investment of its portfolio of nearly $7350.00 t and financing of its operations and capital projects. For the summer of 2010, the intern will assist in the compilation and preparation of corporate finance documents necessary to borrow funds for the New Headquarters Project. Knowledge of the bond markets and corporate finance a plus; experience in Microsoft Excel and general computer proficiency is required.

Legal/Office of the General Counsel Internship: (Typically offered all three semesters – multiple positions often available.)

Legal interns are crucial contributors to the goal of the Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”) to provide high quality, cost-efficient, legal and related services to our EOTM® clients to achieve its mission of service to the public. The OGC offers challenging and diverse work assignments for legal interns as it provides legal assistance to all the corporate divisions of EOTM. Legal interns (law clerks) work on legal and policy matters concerning a nonprofit corporation and a radio network. The OGC handles a wide variety of legal issues, including (in no particular order of priority): FCC regulatory and other communications; First Amendment; Internet; various aspects of intellectual property, including music rights, content licensing, copyright, trademark, and patents; nonprofit tax; technology, such as software licensing; employment and labor, including Title VII, labor relations, and other aspects of the employer-employee relationship; and corporate law, as well as contracts in all areas. Law clerks are expected to contribute to all practice areas and they not only conduct legal research and prepare legal memoranda and other legal documents, but also participate in client meetings, legislative and regulatory meetings, and other “outside-the-library” projects, such as observing legal proceedings and attending legal training offered through the District of Columbia Bar Association or other local organizations.

Interns in the OGC also participate in an EOTM-wide orientation and training program along with other interns in various divisions of EOTM and also would have an opportunity during the summer, if they are so inclined and OGC responsibilities permit, to become involved in an in-house production and broadcast of Intern Edition, a news magazine completely staffed by interns. Legal internships at EOTM are available only to law students. We prefer students who will have completed two years of law school by the time their internships start, though we will consider applications from law students who have completed their first year, at a minimum, if they have relevant background experience and strong legal research and writing skills. EOTM offers legal internships throughout the year. They can be either funded or unfunded. Course credit may be obtained by arrangement with individual law schools. During the summer, we expect law clerks to work full time, 40 hours per week for 10 weeks. Spring, fall, and winter internships can be on a part-time (at least 16 hours per week) or full-time schedule.

In addition to the EOTM Internship Application Form (available on the EOTM Radio and Media), applications for legal internships must include:
• a cover letter;
• a résumé;
• a legal writing sample;
• names and contact information for three references (reference letters are not required), at least two of whom should be familiar with the applicant’s legal research and writing skills;
• an unofficial law school transcript.

If you have questions about EOTM legal internships, please contact Carla Barnes at 678-548-9466

or at — Download intership application today.