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DMX investigated for Easter Sunday robbery, report

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Rapper DMX is being investigated for allegedly robbing a man at a New Jersey gas station on Easter Sunday.

DMX - Image credit: Film Magic

The man said he and DMX were having a conversation when a member of the performer’s entourage pulled a gun and demanded all of his money, reports.

DMX then allegedly “snatched the money out of his hand” according to Newark police spokesman Sgt. Ronald Glover, and drove off.

The victim said he was carrying $3,200. He also said he followed the DMX’s car — one of four Cadillac Escalades — and got its license plate number, which he gave to police.

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DMX had headlined a concert at the nearby New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark on Saturday night.

No charges have yet been filed, Glover said.

DMX has been arrested several times over the years and done time for drug possession, animal cruelty and parole violations, reports.

Video: Bagel head….yes….Bagel head…the new fashion craze

We are so speechless — a bagel head…really?!  When thinking of body modification, one general conjures up images of tattoos and piercings …right? Well those options are apparently too mainstream for some.

In Tokyo, forehead saline injections  which basically make you look like a mini-bagel has been inserted between your skin and your skull — are the current body modification craze.

The video below shows three people getting their bagel-head on..literally.

After the bulge is created, the artist manipulates it with his fingers, creating an indentation with his thumb. “That’s the part that becomes the climax, the finish,” explains the artist as onlookers clap and coo with delight.
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“Cute!” says one woman. “Sweet, buttery bagels,” says a man. “I look delicious.”
Take a peek at the video below and be sure to leave a comment.

Police Discover List of Pimp Rules at Alleged Pimp’s House

Published by EOTM News Editor on August 21st, 2012 - in Breaking News, Entertainment News, Hot Mess, World News

Police Discover List of Pimp Rules at Alleged Pimp’s House (via NewsLook)

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