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Public Statement – The name ‘Carla Simpson’ does NOT belong to me…

By Carla B.

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Person: A human, corporation, organization, partnership, association, or other entity deemed or construed to be governed by a particular law.

Image credit: Stillness in the Storm

“All living sentient beings of free will and lovers of peace and truth, a living man/ woman cannot join himself/ herself with what is dead. Claiming a legal name is an act of fraud, it is the crime of personage, punishable to up to twenty years in prison. ‘Get out of her my people before it is too late’! See addendum to public statement for more information.” - Santos Bonacci

The Proof - Lose The Name

“Public Statement for breaking Assumptions”

“This is a public statement to make it crystal clear that the name Carla Simpson does not belong to me, so that there can be no more assumptions nor presumptions that I am a legal name. The legal name Carla Simpson is Crown property and not only it is not my name but I don’t have permission to use it and by doing so I would be committing fraud for I am not a member of the BAR. Let it be known, I do not authorize any use of my image or any other part of my Estate to be associated with a legal name.

There is no binding contract between me and the Crown Corporation therefore I am not subject to Crown jurisdiction, where my free will choice shall never be trespassed.

I am not a slave of any man and my body is not surety for anyone’s fraudulent joinder.

If anyone man or woman tries to connect my body with any legal name it will be taken as attempted murder”
I am not a respondent, I am not a defendant, I’m not a person, I do not consent to be, I don’t respect persons, James 2:9 (King James Bible James version 2:9) I am a living man.

I am not a member of any organization, society, freeman and sovereign movements; I am a peaceful and just man. I am not a belligerent neither am I a hostile. I advocate peace, love, harmony, truth, happiness, unity, prosperity.” — by Santos Bonacci

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In the addendum video below Bonacci shares how the birth certificate actually has bond numbers. The birth certificate is a bond and we are the principle of our birth certificate bond that is traded on the stock market. You can research this for yourself. From what I have been able to research this all began the last time the federal government went bankrupt and decided to pledge us, the people, as collateral to borrow against. So, we are the sureties against the trillions of debt the government owes currently.
Well why didn’t anyone ask us if we wanted to do this? Actually, no one asked us, because we volunteered. When a child is born and the mother applies for a birth certificate, she is in essence volunteering her child to be taken into the system and used as surety for the bonds to be traded against his body and for the government to borrow more from the Federal Reserve.
Santos Bonacci also notes, “When you discharge a debt, you are actually discharging against the value that is in there”.
What he is saying is that each birth certificate “estate” is worth millions, if not billions, due to all the money that is made from it as a financial instrument.
Now, this is possible because we, as living, breathing, working, sentient beings, produce value. When we work and create things, we produce value. All money is energy, and who brings this energy? We do. This is why the government and all other agencies or firms involved in this system, can take a birth certificate, draft bonds from it, and trade them on the financial markets. It is because they know that every baby born will produce an enormous amount of value during his/her lifetime.
So, when Santos Bonacci says you can discharge against the value of the birth certificate, he is saying that you can discharge and settle a debt out of the value(millions/billions) that is tied to your birth certificate(estate). Incredible, right?
So why isn’t everyone doing this? Is it really as simple as saying “yea, just charge it to my birth certificate”?
Well, those are all questions that you are probably asking.

Addendum One

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Start “Innerstanding” the way things really work…

What if I don't want to sign my child's birth certificate?

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2 Organizations – 1 Unmistakeable, the Other Inconspicuous – “Manly P. Hall” Quotes

By Carla B.

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 “Materialism which has become more prevalent in our time — can be held responsible for a very large amount of unfortunate pressure that bothers us today. Materialism sustains crime, helps to build a constant fear…makes the individual highly materialistic because he knows no other outlet…and little by little the world becomes afraid of life…afraid of the existence in which it passes its days in the world.

Manly P. Hall - Image credit: Getty

Hermes Trismegistus pointed out that the time would come when Egypt (which was once a symbol of the whole World) would forget its Gods..that it would deteriorate, that it would depart from heaven, that it would build false images, false golds and false purposes to justify its own errors. That it would go into a state of conflict with all other things. That it would erase the values of the earth. That the earth will become impoverished, the soil would become impoverished. That most of the living humanity would have no perception of its responsibilities. But will live for pleasure and profit alone…and as this happened..gradually the planet would become a desert. That everything that was useful would know longer be able to function or manifest itself. But in-spite of this …something inside of the human being would not/could not die. This eternal life that has been recognized by the great mystery system …continued…and also in the course of time, the light within the individual will revolt against the misconduct of its mind, emotions and body. And when the great tragedy reveals itself to be the result of human selfishness, stupidity and ignorance… that humanity will then go back to the Gods. Go back to the divine principles within himself…and create a new world, emerging out of his own repentance, out of his own realization of his mistakes..out of his own fear of the final destruction of himself and everything that exists. But nothing will be destroyed because it is part of the illusion. It is an illusion which continues until the human being makes peace with universal law. Once we accepts the governorship of the great values of life, he is then know longer subject to the infirmities of the flesh.”- Manly P. Hall

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Secrets in Plain Sight – Occult Symbolism

By Carla B.

Masonic Compass built into Eashington DC's street plan. The compasses that run along Pennsylvania & Maryland Avenues point to the White House & The Jefferson Memorial. The spread of the compasses is one royal mile. -- Image credit: Getty -- Royal mile in plain sight

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In the video below Filmmaker Scott Onstott shares with the world his awe inspiring exploration of art, mystical architecture, myths, our true history, occult and esoteric connotations which connects the unlikely intersection of geometry,  physics, music, astronomy, and more.

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His revelations are truly biblical in their ‘proportions’ and denote a hidden history and lost science which informs the very foundations of our modern world.

By inscribing an equilateral triangle within the Great Pyramid’s elevation, an amazing resonance occurs with imperial units of measure. The edge length is 555.5 feet, which equals 6666 inches. The inner equilateral triangle surrounding the all-seeing-eye of Horus measures 3333 inches on each of its 3 edges.- (Image credit: Scott Onstott)

Sacred Geometry

















For more information on Scott Onstott and his amazing series please visit

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Is there a Vaporizing Meteor in 2015 that we should be aware of ?

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Will 2015 prove to be an astronomical celestial event as many conspiracy theorists believe? Many say YES.

Screenshot - Image Credit: 3rd ROCK

 In 1996, a TV series called, “3rd Rock from the Sun” aired a clip in which the teacher says, “and yet everyone on the planet gets all worked up about these pointless little behaviors, blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015.” This is not the only reference to this. If you have seen or heard anything over the years please share with us in the comments.

Interestingly, In 2010 NASA warned of an asteroid on a trajectory to hit off of Puerto Rico.

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