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It’s Going Down – EOTM TV/LA-36 Covering – 93.5 KDAY’s Fresh Fest ’11

E! Buzz Talk Show on EOTM TV/Radio

Los Angeles stand up, a call to action for  all KDay fans!!

EOTM TV will be in the house, stay connected to as well as LA channel 36for exclusive footage.93.5 KDAY’s Fresh Fest ’11 featuring The Game, E-40, Mack 10, Twista, Young Buck, WC and surprise guests!

It goes down Saturday, September 24th, 2011 @ 7:15 PM @ the Nokia Theatre – 777 Chick Hearn Court, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

EOTM TV/LA -36 will be interviewing the west coast rappers, pulling questions specifically from  their facebook friends.

Here are some of the questions FB friends have submitted:

Calvin Williams Can you ask the game when will he come out with another solo album.

Carla Eotm Simpson Most def..thanks for the question!

Jimmy Eotm Baker Ask what Mack 10 thought of on the state of west coast rap –

Jimmy Eotm Baker Ask what Mack 10 thought of on the state of west coast rap –

Ashley Misubtlety Carter east coast west coast beef, and how they put aside their differences (THE GAME)

Jimmy Eotm Baker Ask Mack 10 about New music. What can we expect in 2012?

Jimmy Eotm Baker Also get at him with whats the difference between his new album and his music from 2007-2008

Tanya Blake Being a west coast representative – wearing his community on his sleeve what are his thoughts on the black vs latino gang wars that continue to take the lives of so many..

Tanya Blake Sorry that question is for THE GAME

Kymberli Williamsdo any of them feel they have a new level of awareness about how they influence the youth of our nation?Stacy Briggs For Twista – when can we expect new music, nothing since 2007 since I think. Does he still have a label? How is that working?

Stacy Briggs How is it working with EMI?

Stacy Briggs thats for Twista as well..

Emery-Deziak Morrison Question 1–If all the rappers and recording artists sound the same and use the same topics do you think it de-values the music and hip hop in general

Issie Sandberg They laying down some great ones for you!

Emery-Deziak Morrison ‎2. If you were a new artist with great music and no radio budget what would be the best way to get a consumer to buy your physical cd and how much would you sell it for ?

Cain Cawthon Considering we are in a era whereas the labels are completely restructured, what are they doing to better position themselves and somewhat solidifying and securing their own future in the business.

Eotm StreetTeam Will send a couple shortly.

Tawanda CawthonYep, you all sure did that!Eotm StreetTeam Here is mine, Is there still a mainstream market for gangster rap specifically on the west coast?

Eotm StreetTeam with all the gang violence why is it still here

Photo credit: 93.5 Kday