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2015 NCAA Tournament: Latest UPDATES – EOTM Sports News

By Cain Cawthon

Can anyone stop the Kentucky Wildcats? (Don McPeak/USA TODAY Sports)

Latest Updates

With the bracket set, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the Field of 68. Read on to find first-round Cinderellas, teetering top seeds and more.

Picking favorites in the NCAA tournament is the smart play, but what makes March Madness great is the upsets and Cinderella teams who pull off something special. (Read More)

Most vulnerable top seeds

They’re the best teams in the nation. But when one loss can banish anyone from the bracket, it just takes one slip-up to shatter dreams of ladders, scissors and a nylon necklace – even for those occupying the top seed lines. (Read More)

Selection Sunday’s biggest snubs and surprises

The NCAA tournament selection committee made its decision, and as usual, the final cuts were the cruelest. (Read More)

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[Tournament schedule, TV times, more information]

Care about college basketball? Root for Iowa State, Villanova, Notre Dame and North Carolina

Once they put aside educational allegiances and office-pool interests, college basketball fans should root for the handful of dangerous teams who play with a combination of pace and skill that doesn’t require toothpicks to keep eyelids open. (Read More)

When it’s Kentucky vs. the field, the field is the underdog

The bracket does not feature a handful of favorites and a swath of dark horses, all jockeying for position, elbowing one another out of the way. It features Kentucky and everyone else. (Read More)

The bracket is unveiled

The first region has been revealed, starting with Kentucky, unsurprisingly, as the overall No. 1 seed in the Midwest. Here’s how the bracket shakes out so far:


1. Kentucky vs. 16. Manhattan/Hampton
2. Kansas vs. 15. New Mexico State
3. Notre Dame vs. 14. Northeastern
4. Maryland vs. 13. Valparaiso
5. West Virginia vs. 12. Buffalo
6. Butler vs. 11. Texas
7. Wichita State vs. 10. Indiana
8. Cincinnati vs. 9. Purdue

Quick take: Kansas hangs on to a No. 2 seed despite losing in the Big 12 title game, but their reward is a spot in Kentucky’s bracket. Meanwhile, the ACC tournament champs end up as the best 3-seed, with Notre Dame getting the nod in the Midwest. In terms of early bubble talk, Purdue, Indiana and Texas ended up on the good side of the bubble. And neither the Boilermakers nor the Hoosiers came particularly close to the cutline, which is surprising.


1. Villanova vs. 16. Lafayette
2. Virginia vs. 15. Belmont
3. Oklahoma vs. 14. Albany
4. Louisville vs. 13. UC Irvine
5. Northern Iowa vs. 12. Wyoming
6. Providence vs. 11. Boise State/Dayton
7. Michigan State vs. 10. Georgia
8. North Carolina State vs. 9. LSU

Quick Take: The Cavaliers couldn’t hang on to a No. 1 seed, but they did end up a No. 2 in what looks like a navigable bracket — except for the part where they have to play Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans in the second round. Boise State’s loss in the Mountain West semifinals has put them into the play-in game in Dayton … against Dayton. That seems, um, interesting. LSU was another team many thought may miss the cut, but like Purdue, they land a No. 9 seed.


1. Duke vs. 16. North Florida/Robert Morris
2. Gonzaga vs. 15. North Dakota State
3. Iowa State vs. 14. UAB
4. Georgetown vs. 13. Eastern Washington
5. Utah vs. 12. Stephen F. Austin
6. SMU vs. 11. UCLA
7. Iowa vs. 10. Davidson
8. San Diego State vs. 9. St. John’s

Quick Take: Let’s start with the UCLA Bruins … CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb said during the selection special that there’s not a reasonable person in the country who believes UCLA belongs in the bracket. He’s not too far off. The Bruins finished 5-10 against the RPI top 100. That not only got UCLA into the field, the Bruins don’t even have to play a first-four play-in game. That’s stunning. On the top half of the bracket, Duke looks like a safe bet to advance. At the bottom, a potential Iowa State-Gonzaga clash in the Sweet 16 would produce a thriller.


1. Wisconsin vs. 16. Coastal Carolina
2. Arizona vs. 15. Texas Southern
3. Baylor vs. 14. Georgia State
4. North Carolina vs. 13. Harvard
5. Arkansas vs. 12. Wofford
6. Xavier vs. 11. BYU/Ole Miss
7. VCU vs. 10. Ohio State
8. Oregon vs. 9. Oklahoma State

Quick Take: With the final region revealed, hope dies for a Murray State miracle bid. BYU and Ole Miss will get the opportunity to earn the 11-seed with the play-in game in Dayton. Wisconsin, winners of the Big Ten tournament Sunday, gets the No. 1 seed, but if everything proceeds according to seed-strength, they’ll have to top a very dangerous Arizona team in the Elite Eight.

In all, the Big 12 and the Big Ten emerge with the most bids, sporting seven apiece.

UCLA made the tournament, and no one is happy about it

This year’s utterly head-scratching decision was the inclusion of UCLA, which not only made the field despite a suspect resume, but also wasn’t even chosen as one of the four teams that will head to Dayton for the play-in games early this week. (Read More)

Dick Vitale plants a kiss on Ashley Judd with a capital ‘K

Dick Vitale got a little frisky with actress and Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd before the Wildcats’ win over Arkansas in the SEC championship game on Sunday. (Read More)

The Bubble

Sorting through Saturday’s results

See who clinched an automatic bid to the Big Dance and whether the bid thieves still lurk in the shadows of Selection Sunday’s conference championships. (Read More)

Breaking down the bubble

Who are the last teams in? First ones out? Take an in-depth look at the top candidates for an at-large bid, from the locks to the leftovers based on historical analysis. (Read More)

[Sign up for the Post's Bracket Challenge 2015]

Visualizing the bubble

What the heck does the bubble look like? What provides its shape? See where every Top 100 RPI fits and what it means for their status in the NCAA tournament field. (Read More via Washington Post)

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Oh Yeah Baby! Hollywood Hunks – Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale To Star In New Film

By Dorothy Frazier

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Variety has revealed plans for Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale to star together in The Big Short. Sources tell the outlet that the threesome, (pun intended) have come on board to Paramount and Plan B’s adaptation of the movie, in-which Adam McKay is writing and directing.

From left to right: Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. - Image credit: Getty

The film tells the story of the build-up of the housing and credit bubble during the 2000s that led to the financial crisis of 2007-2010.

Pitt will produce the film with his partner in Plan B productions, Dede Gardner.

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Pitt, who is repped by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment, was last seen in “Fury.” The WME-repped Bale was last seen in “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and will shoot the Travis McGee pic “The Deep Blue Goodby” this spring, reports Variety.

Gosling just wrapped production on the Warner Bros. thriller “The Nice Guys.” He is repped by Anonymous Content and LBI Entertainment.

Are you planning on seeing the film? Share in the comments below!

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ObamaCare and it’s impact on Students attending Historically Black Colleges

Published by EOTM News Editor on July 9th, 2014 - in College News, Health News, News and Politics

By Tawanda Cawthon

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 Many college students say they are left uninsured

Much has been made of Obamacare’s “adult child” provision — the portion of the law that allows students to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26. Some have interpreted this to mean that all plans must cover individuals up to that age, but it actually just allows for the possibility in the lowest sense.

Back when the news first broke, countless students told Campus Reform that the now cancelled health plans, which provided coverage for just $50 per semester, were the only insurance they could afford.

“I can’t afford anything right now,” one said. “I can’t even afford my loans.”

“We don’t have that money,” said another. “We can barely afford books.”

Several students said that they felt they had been let down.

“It’s stupid and it’s Obama’s fault,” one said. “You haven’t done anything, Obama, and I’m disappointed in you.”

“What it was hyped up to be, was that it was supposed to solve a lot of problems and help a lot of people, and its not really doing that,” said another.

Notably, more privileged students are enrolled at colleges that self-fund their student health plans. In other words, the schools pay the health care claims directly rather than buying an insurance policy.

Image credit: Getty

There are at least 40 such schools, including Harvard, Yale and the University of California branches in Berkeley and Los Angeles. But such plans are in the minority and definitely not available to students attending HBCU’s.

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And college students are not the only ones suffering from Obama’s disastrous plan. Many middle class families have sounded off on promises the administration made to cut the ranks of the uninsured and offer those already covered a better deal while bending the cost curve.

Health care policy analyst Avik Roy warned that because Obamacare bans the sort of affordable policies that low-income college students depend on, we could expect price hikes as high as 1,112 percent. This cost increase has profoundly damaged young people attempting to better their economic prospects. College students are already dealing with tuition costs that have risen by 6.5 percent each year for the past decade due in large part to federal loan subsidies. Despite this, the government continues to pile on while politicians feign confusion over the 15.8 percent youth unemployment rate.

Are you a college student being impacted by Obama Care? Share with us in the comments below.

NPR & Campus Reform contributed to this report.

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Former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen dead at 23

By Cain Cawthon

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23-year-old former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen has died in a car accident early Sunday morning. The sad news was confirmed by the  USA Today.

September 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Auburn Tigers tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen (43) runs after a catch in the first half against the Clemson Tigers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Gene Chizik — Lutzenkirchen’s former coach at Auburn from 2009 to 2012 — said this about the former All-SEC player: ”Philip Lutzenkirchen was what every parent aspires their son to be. My deepest sympathy is extended to his parents, Mike and Mary, his sisters, and all of his extended family. We should all begin by honoring his life because he lived a life worthy of that. In his 23 short years, he has certainly left an impactful legacy to everyone he touched. I will miss him deeply.”

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said Lutzenkirchen’s death was “a devastating tragedy for his family, the Auburn family and his countless friends.”

“He had a strong faith, a big heart and a burning desire to help others,” Jacobs said. “Philip was a bright light this world desperately needed, and his death leaves a void that can’t possibly be filled.”

Driver Joseph Ian Davis, 22, was partially ejected from the vehicle and was also killed, investigators said. Authorities said blood was drawn from Davis to determine whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Troopers said 22-year-old Elizabeth Craig of Eatonton, Georgia and 20-year-old Christian Case of Dadeville, Alabama were injured.

The star player was named a second-team All-SEC selection by the coaches and media after a seven-touchdown campaign in 2011, and holds school records for touchdown receptions by a tight end in both a season and a career. He was signed to a free agent contract by the Rams in 2013, but was cut due to a lingering hip injury that ended his senior year at Auburn early.

Lutzenkirchen was also a writer for SB Nation.  Our thoughts are with the Lutzenkirchen family and his friends.

UConn Huskies play dead, Florida Gators fall for it – Final Four 2014

Apr. 5, 2014: Connecticut forward Phillip Nolan shoots against Florida during the second half of the NCAA Final Four tournament college basketball semifinal game in Arlington, Texas.AP

Final Four 2014: UConn Huskies play dead, and Florida Gators fall for it (via

Was it nerves? The big stage? Florida’s smothering defense? Whatever it was, it seemed to be too much for Connecticut to handle in the opening minutes of Saturday’s 63-53 Final Four victory over Florida in Arlington. Florida won the game’s opening tip…



Florida State rallies in 4th quarter to beat Auburn, win title

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Florida State Seminoles defeat the Auburn Tigers 31-34!

It’s over! Florida State devastate Auburn 34-31 for its third national championship in a thrilling finish as the BCS!

After trailing for most of the game, Florida came back to win its first national championship since 1999 and it was amazing!

Kelvin Benjamin hauled in a touchdown pass with 13 seconds to go to seal the victory for the Seminoles in a wild, see-saw finish.

The lead changed three times in the final five minutes. The Seminoles took their first lead since the first quarter with less than five minutes to play on a 100-yard kickoff return by Levonte Whitfield. Auburn quickly answered with a touchdown, but with less than 79 seconds to play, the Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston led the Seminoles on a game-winning drive capped with Benjamin’s touchdown.

On its final play, with 3 seconds remaining, Auburn tried the hook and ladder, fishing for one final miracle. Lightning didn’t strike three times.

Got to hand it to Jameis Winston, too, who struggled early on but found his composure and showed up at the end. “I said guys, this is ours,” Winston said he told his teammates in the final huddle.

Getty Image

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Jameis Winston saved his best for last.

Trailing by four, the Heisman Trophy-winning freshman quarterback drove Florida State down field (helped by a 49-yard reception by Rashad Greene and a key pass-interference call in the red zone) and found his top receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, in the end zone with 13 seconds remaining.

Read more via

Auburn has FSU on upset alert at halftime, leads 21-10

Auburn has FSU on upset alert at halftime, leads 21-10 (via SB Nation)

By Connor Tapp  @MeetMeAtTapps on Jan 6 2014, 10:24p + The Auburn offense awoke from its first-quarter slumber. Until they were already down three scores, the Florida State offense did not. The Tigers out-gained FSU 232 to 156 in the first half,…



Florida State QB Jameis Winston Wins Heisman Trophy

Photo credit: AP

Jameis Winston wins the Heisman, to nobody’s surprise (via SB Nation)

By Pete Volk  @Pete_Volk on Dec 15 2013, 8:00a + The freshman became the youngest player to win the award, and the second freshman in a row to do it. Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston became the youngest player ever to win…



Top recruit’s coach: Nick Saban ‘firmly committed’ to Alabama Crimson Tide

Top recruit’s coach: Nick Saban ‘firmly committed’ to Alabama (via SB Nation)

By Pete Volk  @Pete_Volk on Dec 12 2013, 8:29a + Leonard Fournette’s coach talked to Saban, and believes the Alabama coach is staying put. The Nick Saban-to-Texas rumors are unstoppable, but one person is of the opinion that the head coach is sticking…