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CERN film “Symmetry” – End of Time Ritual – Occult Symbolism

By Carla B.

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There are many symbolisms and occult references that stand out in pop culture today. From historical artifacts, to music and film, it seems the occult world has never really gone away, but in fact has become more flagrant and blatant. The problem is that many are unaware of the meanings behind what some consider to be just artistic entertainment that appeals to the senses with no real hidden meanings, or agendas behind them. There are many musicians that promote their music through occult influence — this is a fact, now it seems as if CERN, a name many can relate only to science has decided to take a jab at it as well.  Filmmaker Ruben Van Leer has produced a dance, opera film called, Symmetry.

Screenshot from the film Symmetry

In a nutshell, Leer’s film uses the Collider as a stage — telling the story of Lukas, a scientist and dancer who is moved by an inner voice (soprano singer Claron McFadden), and gets thrown off course from his studies. He wanders about the Collider, floats through space, and explores different dimensions under her guidance. Eventually, Lukas uses the Collider as a transporter to travel to a white desert (barren like place) that is probably a different plane of existence. It almost appears as if this is our last dance, if you will.

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The opera like choreography has a ritualistic feel, and physics in the film presumably explores questions about humanity’s origin.

Take a look at the video below courtesy of Round SaturnsEye — which breaks down the occult meaning of ‘Symmetry.’

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NWO plan to END TIME & SPACE, Report

By Carla B.

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“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself” — St. Augustine

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Video Courtesy of R$E on Youtube.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Some scenes may be disturbing to some viewers. This video deals with the very real manifestation of the demonic in mainstream media and the Luciferian agenda of the destruction/sacrifice of the OX (Time/Space).

About R$E:

“R$E” or “RoundSaturnsEye” is an independent ministry run by a sinner, passionate about Christ, saved by grace. The purpose of the ministry is to share Christ in new and innovative ways that combat the current rise of Luciferian spiritual deception. All of the occult you are seeing in the media just inadvertently proves the only truth of Christ, the Messiah, our way Home. Showing the truth of salvation, with real world evidences surrounding you every day, one video at a time.

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CERN 411 – The Black Cube, Saturn, Inter-Dimensional Portals &…

By Carla B.

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“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself” — St. Augustine

Above is a picture of the statue of SHIVA that sits outside of CERN.

The LHC at CERN is a particle booster, built to beam up protons in very high speed and opposite directions — until they collide creating a huge amount of energy capable to reproduce similar cosmic conditions that have creating such phenomena as dark matter, antimatter and ultimately the creation of the universe billions of years ago. It has also been rumored to be a device that can bend space time, open dimensional portals. These rumors are indeed a reality and the evidence is overwhelming. CERN is massive scientific instrument that was in fact designed to be a ”stargate”, or a “SATURN MACHINE” (space/time) with the intention of opening up inter-dimensional portals.

Throughout ancient history there have been many accounts of gods traveling from location to location using intricate machinery that would take them from one dimension to another. There are accounts of the ancient Sumer speaking about so-called gods coming in through a double pillared stargate and there have been carvings that have represented such a feat. It is amazing to think that the ancients had mastered the ability to travel using wormhole technology that we now are hearing about at places like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, but it is true. Once again it has to be indicated that CERN is located in Geneva. Geneva and “Saint Geniis” are similar to the word “Genesis.” The purpose of CERN is to find the Origins of Man and the Universe. They have stated that they want to open a doorway to another dimension and find a God. Is it just a coincidence that CERN is short for the horned God Cernunnos? Is it also a coincidence that CERN has to go deep underground to do their “god” harnessing experiments? Cernunnos was the god of the underworld.

CERN is also responsible for the internet and have been doing ongoing research for governments with regard to global sustainability.   It was also reported that in 1999 CERN proposed and carried out quantum Vortex experiments searching for Solar Axions. Axions are hypothetical particles that are components of dark matter. In order to find these Axions CERN proposed the use of a decommissioned magnet called SATAN. It was an acronym for Solar Axion Telescopic Antenna. One of the attempts at creating a portal anchor happened in an area where there is rumored to be an ancient Stargate in the real ancient Babylon, Iraq.  Even a top Physicist at CERN admitted “‘Something may come through’ dimensional ‘doors’ at LHC”. And “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN.

The capabilities of CERN and evidence suggesting that it is being used as a literal TIME DISTORTION machine is a reality. This is where SATURN comes into play. If the elite worship Saturn which is the god of TIME & SPACE, then surely CERN is connected to this “god”, right? As it turns out, that is exactly the case and the CERN/SATURN rabbit hole is very deep. It is my estimation that CERN among other locations is a central key location and site for a gateway to open for Cernunnos/Pan/Saturn/Satan/demonic forces to manifest in this dimension. This must occur for the elite’s NWO Anti-Christ beast system.

Cernunnos – the horned deity of the Celts/Gauls later to become Pan. Pan-dimensional.

Cronus – the Greek derivative from Seb or Geb of the Egyptian Ennead, the ‘horned one’ later to become the roman god Saturn – Satan.

Kroni – ancient East Indian demon – primordial manifestation of evil – analogous with the Roman Christian Satan – shares many traits with Kali, the Destroyer.

By coincidence the CERN logo is a 666. By coincidence there is a statue of Lord Shiva,  the “god of Destruction,” at CERN.

The conspiracy culture believes there is a ancient group of “enlightened” masters guiding the course of things, above every government and ruler. They use occult knowledge and have been mastering it for centuries. With that assumption its not hard to see why people could believe CERN, a machine that could possibly  discover and re-create the “god particle.”

The VESICA PISCES is also obvious

CERN & Its Relation To Biblical Prophecy

Whether you decide to believe this or not there is an occult agenda behind the CERN.

Mayan calendar left. CERN-LHC right. Why do they look so similar? Is the CERN Large Hadron Collider an attempt at opening inter-dimensional gateway, StarGate, portals … for fallen spiritual beings to come into our dimension?
  • Lord Shiva – “god of Destruction” statue at CERN

    Revelation 9 New King James Version (NKJV) Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts from the Bottomless Pit
    9 Then the fifth angel sounded: And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the bottomless pit. 2 And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace. …..
    11 And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.
    -The Bible says that these fallen angels (sons of God) of Genesis 6 are confined in Tartarus.

“For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to Hell (Tartarus), and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.” II Peter 2:4. The word in the Greek is Tartarus, or rather it is .. from that noun. “Cast down to hell” should be tartarused, (tartarosas).

The statue of Lord Shiva, the “god of Destruction”, (see above) sits at CERN and hints at the release of the fallen angel Abaddon/Apollyon which coincidentally also means “the Destroyer”! There are…of course, no coincidences. Why would anyone put this religious statue of a Hindu god at a place of science, the epitome of scientific inquiry?

Interestingly, the Book of Enoch says that these 200 fallen angels(Titans) are imprisoned in Tartarus for 70 generations. A generation in the Bible is about 70 years. These Titans are being imprisoned for about 5000 years. Dec 2012 is the Hebrew year Tevet 5773.

The time for their release is probably at hand.

Notably, Mayan and Aztec prophecies for 21 Dec 2012 does not say anything about end of the world apocalypse! Rather it speaks about the return of the serpent god/Bolon Yokte/the Nine gods. These are probably the fallen angels of Genesis 6, the 200 watchers of the Book of Enoch! The occult world seems to be pointing to something coming to earth on the Mayan calendar date of 21 Dec 2012.
The Aztec religion predicted that a serpent would come from heaven and appear on earth on 21 December 2012. According to an Aztec legend, human beings can ascend into Heaven when the serpent descends. …. On this day the Aztec religious calendar prophesied that a great serpent would come to earth; thus, Satan’s fall coincides with the end of the Aztec calendar as well as the Chinese calendar.
2012: The Return of the Nine
… The Mayan prophecy to do with 2012 was that it would signal the return of “The Nine”. … “At the next creation, the Bolon Yokte Ku, or Nine Support Gods, would return.” However, the actual word “return”, sometimes translated as “descent” …. Who are the Bolon Yokte Ku – The Nine? They have variously been translated as the God of Nine Strides, the Nine-Footed God, Jaguar-Foot-Tree and Nine-Dog-Tree. They were seen as living in the Underworld and were generally described as god(s) of conflict, warfare, and are hence linked with dangerous transition times, social unrest, eclipses, and natural disasters like earthquakes. … The question nevertheless remains as to who these Nine Gods truly are. Indeed, “Nine Gods” are not just an ingredient of the Mayan culture. There were also Nine Gods in the ancient Egyptian religion, as well as many others (e.g. India). To the Egyptians, they were also known as the Nine Principles and they were directly linked with their Creator Deity, Atum.

The mayans did not predict the end of world, but the return of one of their god’s
The predictions of the Mayans to December 2012 do not refer to the end of the world, but the return of the god Bolon Yokte would return at the end of an era and the beginning of another … it is mentioned that on December 21 “would be invested deity Bolon Yokote,” bound to create a god and war, who attended the beginning of the current era … The text of the narrative character, … shows that the Maya rulers should “prepare the ground for the return of the god Bolon Yokte … According to this prognosis, the god Bolon Yokte preside over the birth of a new era that was set to begin  December 21, 2012, and oversee the end of the current era.

Spiritual Cinema CircleRead more on CERN and its real meaning by visiting Socioeco History Click here to open up the site in a different window.

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