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Soul Singer Heston

On Friday, September 13th Soul Singer HESTON chatted exclusively on EOTM Radio with Carla B. about his third and blazing album to date “Love Junkie,” which is scheduled to release on all digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby on September 21st.




HESTON is a perfectionist and he defines his journey as a full-time musician, composer, songwriter and producer. The precision of his musicality both on his albums and love is unparalleled in this day and time.

HESTON lives and loves great music. His music is accompanied by a full band with foundational rhythms that stem back to his island roots, comprised of percussion’s, horns, acoustic and electric guitars, leaving audiences captivated.

This Soulful Gentleman mesmerizes his audiences all over the World, including Paris and London and is soon to steal his Australian Fan’s hearts, as he heads there for The Love Junkie Tour Australia, in October 2013.
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“Creating timeless music has always been my ultimate goal,” says Heston with a poised, yet humble demeanour. “I want to leave the world with music that can be played for a lifetime.”

News Source: Heston Press Kit

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Video of the Week: Christopher Kennedy Lawford on Addictions & The 2012 Dizzy Gillespie Memorial Benefit in New York

Christopher Kennedy Lawford one on one interview with Carla B.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford one on one interview with Carla B. at the EOTM Radio and Media studios in Santa Monica, California, August 25th.

About this episode: Actor, New York Times Best Selling Author & Activist Christopher Lawford Kennedy visits Carla B’s E! Buzz Talk Show to chat about The Dizzy Gillespie/Englewood Fundraiser, his life in public service, the non-profit sector, working for the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, The Special Olympics, and The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University and Caron Treatment Centers & more.

Kennedy also holds positions as a Public Policy Consultant for Caron Treatment Centers and a national spokesperson for a Hepatitis C public awareness campaign and was recently appointed to the California Public Health Advisory Committee.





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