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France’s Ozon takes top honors at Spain film fest

France’s Ozon takes top honours at Spain film fest (via AFP)

French director Francois Ozon won the top prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival for his psychological thriller “Dans la maison” (In the House). Ozon’s film tells the story of the relationship between a world-weary French teacher and a disturbingly gifted student. It is based on the play “El chico…


Robert Pattinson talk about Kristen Stewart on ‘Daily Show’

Promoting his new film Cosmpolis, Robert Pattinson stepped out on The Daily Show, Monday night for the first time since Twihards were rocked by Kristen Stewart’s admission that she did in fact, cheat on Pattinson with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Report: Kristen Stewart cheated on Pattinson with director

And show host Jon Stewart did not miss a beat in his questioning, cutting right to the chase in the opening seconds. Speaking directly in the camera, Stewart welcomed Twilight fans to the program and said, “there are a lot of people watching this show for the first time and a great deal of interest in what [Pattinson] will say about…the Olympics.”

“So, What have you been up to,” Stewart yelped.

By Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

“I had a joke prepared!” Pattinson replied. “God damn it. I was all set up and ready to go.”

“OK, let’s just do this,” the host continued, busting out two buckets of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

“Now, we’re just a couple of gals talking,” Stewart said. “All right…Tell me everything.”

Evidently Stewart does not know what women do…or eat for that matter..when discussing affairs of the heart to speak with their girlfriends.

“I’m trying to avoid eating this, I’m going to split my Spanx,” the dreamy vampire stated.

“So what are we doing here? Are you all right? Is everything OK? I’m worried about you,” Stewart continued things along.

Robert Pattinson leaves Kristen Stewart admist affair

“My biggest problem in my life is I’m cheap, and I didn’t hire a publicist,” Pattinson revealed. “I’m going to hire a publicist.”

“I think you should,” Stewart agreed, “although, unless you have a time machine…”

Stewart then showed footage of the fans and Pattinson outside the studio signing autographs,  “Thank you, guys, for being here,”the dreamy vampire said. And Pattinson told Stewart he was “confused. Tonight, this really is the Twilight show.”

“Listen, the last time I had a bad breakup, Ben and Jerry got me through. So I thought you and I could bond over this and talk about, ‘Boy, you are better off. Kick her to the curb! Whatever,’” Stewart continued.

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The crowd cheered like crazy.

Stewart then said: “When you are young and break up, it’s powerful and it feels like the world is ending. This is the first time, I have seen the world actually react that way. It’s insanity. Here’s my wish for you – that you get to handle your business in private, in your personal life. I wish you the best.”

Check out the Cosmopolis  trailer now!The film premieres in the US on August 17th.

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