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Blue Ivy Carter Gets A Mini Cadillac and Ferrari for her Birthday – PICS

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Considering we’ve been covering Blue Ivy Carter since birth, we couldn’t resist posting a few more adorable pics from her 2nd birthday party and her newest bling bling, birthday bling to be exact.

Beyonce with her 3rd eye shining so bright and Blue - Credit: Tumblr

On January 7th Blue celebrated her big day at Miami’s Jungle Island wildlife park and botanical garden and from the photos, the little tikes parents; Jay Z and Beyonce, did it big as usual. According to Us Weekly the power couple spent a pretty penny renting out much of the park and the after-party at a local Italian eatery.

A few close family members and friends attended the festivities, including ex band-mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The ‘Drunk In Love’ singer shared a few precious moments via her Tumblr page.

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland (left) and Michelle Williams (right) for the birthday bash. - Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

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Blue, Beyonce and Jay Z - Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

Blue Ivy Birthday Cake - Credit: Beyonce

Take a peak at Blue’s new rides, she got two cars for her birthday, a mini Cadillac and a Ferrari. How about dem apples!

Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr



Blue Ivy Carter turns two – PICS

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Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

The terrible two’s are here! Hip hop royalty Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter turned two years old yesterday, January 7th. The proud mommy posted a birthday card on her Tumblr page that said, “Happy Birthday Miss Carter…Happy 2nd birthday Blue!”

Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr


Well, Blue — we may be a day late — but we wish you a very Happy birthday!!

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Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé in Australia – Photos

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Beyoncé was spotted at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Tuesday with her adorable 21-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy in tow. The singer is in Australia kicking off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Australia -- Photo Credit: Instagram/Splash

Beyoncé color-coordinated with her daughter, wearing a black sweatshirt with the phrase, “Crème de la crème” written in white, black shades, a black hate, denim shorts, and black sneakers.

The diva shared the adorable photos with her fans on Instagram.

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy -- Credit: Instagram/Splash

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Beyoncé celebrates her 32nd birthday on Yacht with Jay Z and Blue Ivy

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Beyonce and hip hop hubby Jay Z were spotted Monday boarding a yacht in Formentera, Spain, where the happy couple took some time to relax with daughter Blue Ivy celebrating the proud mommy’s 32nd birthday.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy - Photo credit: SPLASH


Bey looked fab as she flaunted her short blond bob, sporting a leopard print cover up.

The twosome appears to have chartered the Galactica Star yacht for their getaway, which features an abundance of A-list amenities, including a sauna, fully equipped bar and a Jacuzzi pool with a glass bottom located on the main deck, which allows for natural light to pour into the beach club directly below.


Happy Birthday Bey!

Photo credit: SPLASH

Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy - Photo credit: SPLASH

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News Source: Huffington Post

Drake: Blue Ivy Is Not on the Cover Art of My Album ‘Nothing Was the Same’

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Hip hop artist Drake paying homage to Blue Ivy on the cover of his new CD? He says NO! The “Started from the Bottom” rapper unveiled the art last week; created by artist Kadir Nelson, the image portrays Drake against a cloudy blue sky facing a young African-American child. Some fans on Twitter half-jokingly wondered why Beyonce and Jayz Z’s firstborn made an appearance on the cover. “Why is Blue Ivy on Drake’s album cover?” one fan tweeted. “Drake put Blue Ivy Carter on his new album art #notmad,” another wrote.

PHOTOS: Hip Hop News

Well who is the child on the cover, you ask? A younger version of the rapper according to MTV.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

“It’s a child version of myself staring at myself now. Sometimes when I try and think back on this journey, it’s so hard to pinpoint allof these moments and it gets foggy,” explains Drake.

Fujitsu America, Inc.

The rapper and Blue does share a striking resemblance…see Blue and Beyonce below.

 ”Even on past albums when I’ve been trying to tell this story, I’ve got there, but maybe not got there all the way and what that album art is to me is, like, this is my most clean, concise thoughts from now, and my best recollection of then. That’s really what that cover’s about,” he added.

Hip Hop News: Jay-Z and Beyonce spend $1 million a year on Blue Ivy

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Jay-Z and Beyonce spends $1 million a year on Blue Ivy’s nursery at Barclays Center


Hip hop mogul’s Jay Zand Beyonce have taken Fabolous’s – “Throw It In The Bag,” to an entirely different spectrum. According to US Weekly, the famous couple rents a luxurious basement suite at Barclays Center for a cool $1 million a year,” the mag revealed.  The suite also boasts an area for Blue Ivy filled with toys as well as VIP  digs for their friends which gloats champagne bars and flat screens throughout.

Credit: Tumblr/Beyonce

Family and friends of the two “use the space even when they are not there.”

Considering Jay Z is partial owner of the Nets, it appears to be a good investment.
Baby Blue turns one year old on January 7th — Barclays may just be the ideal spot for a baby birthday bash.
But what do you give the little girl that has everything?
Well, according to The Sun, Jay and B are planning the biggest birthday extravaganza ever for their lil bundle of joy. Some of the celebrity guest slated to attend are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin with their kids Apple and Moses.

Looney Tunes Phonics

We definitely want to help celebrate this milestone in hip hop history — be sure to leave your birthday wishes for Blue Ivy below.
Happy Birthday Blue!

Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr










Beyonce snuggles up to Blue Ivy on a recent vacation (Photo: Splash News)






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Jay-Z and Beyonce Lose Bid to Trademark Blue Ivy

Jay-Z and Beyonce Lose Bid to Trademark Blue Ivy (via NewsLook)

Beyonce and Jay-Z have lost their bid to trademark daughter Blue Ivy’s name. A judge rejected the music super couple’s request, as a party planning company in Boston has been using the name since 2009. Bey reportedly wanted to open up a children’s boutique with her daughter’s moniker.


Beyonce Knowles Crowned People’s Most Beautiful Woman

Credit: PEOPLE

“I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth,” Beyoncé told the magazine. “I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth.”

Beyoncé continues to gush about her baby girl Blue Ivy, saying, “She’s just the cutest thing,” adding that she makes up songs to sing just to Blue Ivy. When asked which of her parents the baby looks more like, B responded, “She looks like Blue. She’s her own person.”

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While Beyoncé is focused on her “love” of changing diapers these days, she is prepping to get back to work. But she seems to feel her greatest achievement is baby Blue. “The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy,” she explained. “The word ‘love’ means something completely different now.”

Beyonce also admits that being a mother has convinced her to try wearing flat shoes, something she’s enjoying.

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Beyonce and Blue - Credit: x17Online

‘I never thought there would be a day when I wouldn’t wear heels,’ she said.

Before adding: ‘Now that I have a child, I walk around holding her all day, I’m buying loafers and oxfords. I love the, because they’re comfortable, and shorter heels too.’



Beyonce unveils new Tumblr blog

Beyonce unveiled her brand spanking new Tumblr blog on Thursday. The “I Am” Tumblr section is packed with intimate portraits of the “Put a Ring On It” singer and her family.

Just as she and husband Jay-Z shared a photo of their newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in February, Bey is now letting fans see a more personal side of her. There are photos of her with her sister Solange and husband Jay-Z, many of them on a beach or yacht, or at sea.

We have to say, the photo of her in a Spider-Man costume is classic!

Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

“This is my life, today, over the years — through my eyes. My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you, this will continue to grow as I do,” Beyonce writes in an introductory note. Take a peak now!

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