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Hospitality Publicists using Barter to Increase their Clients Bottom Line

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A New Take on an Old Idea

 Remember when you were a kid and traded a bag of potato chips for a turkey sandwich at lunchtime? The concept was simple and two people received something they really wanted without any exchange of money. Today’s professional service providers can enjoy that same win-win experience by bartering their talents with other business and service providers.

Few businesses run at one hundred percent capacity. Barter exchanges helps bring new business and utilize excess capacity that would otherwise be wasted.

The cashless trading of goods and services is nothing new. People and businesses have used barter for years in order to thrive. The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) estimates that in 2009 companies worldwide earned an estimated $12 billion in revenue by using business to business barter, resulting in increased capacity utilization, business efficiency and job creation within those companies.


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A barter exchange improves upon the limitations of one-to-one bartering, giving businesses greater options and flexibility for bartering. Because a barter exchange has its own form of currency, companies are able to trade with any member and are not limited to performing direct trades. This alternate currency has updated barter and made it more practical for today’s business owners.

When approached strategically, barter can become a powerful source of new business, reducing unfilled tables and unsold products, etc and keeping more money in the bank by offsetting cash expenses with barter purchases. Barter helps business owners turn excess capacity or downtime into revenue that can be put to immediate use.

Rental Cars from $13.95 a day!Examples of how barter exchange facilitated transaction can work:

  • The owner of an accounting firm wants to treat her employees with a special holiday party. Instead of paying for the party with cash, she holds the party at a local restaurant that is a member of a barter exchange and pays with earned trade dollars.

The restaurant doesn’t have to spend their trade dollars with the accountant; they can spend them with any other business in the exchange. They may decide to paint the interior of the restaurant, seek legal advice for a business concern or pay for vehicle maintenance.

The AsianTourist Guide is currently partnering with pr and marketing companies across the nation, helping to boost sales for their hospitality clients through bartering.

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We realize filling as many tables as possible is always important to the success of a restaurant. Filling those tables through barter is a creative way to tackle this difficult challenge. Instead of absorbing this lost revenue, The Asian Tourist Guide is partnering with restaurants like yours to utilize the practice of modern bartering to make those tables turn a profit.

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