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Sen. John McCain behind false flag to down American plane – Truth News Report

By TruthinMedia

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In the video below Independent Scientist, Leuren Moret speaks with  Alfred Lambremont Webre and shares fascinating information regarding Sen. John McCain and how he may have been part of the false flag plan to down Russian airliner, this just prior to the Russian Airbus A321 Sinai crash.

Screen shot via  Alfred Lambremont Webre video: Leuren Moret: McCain in false flag to down Russian airliner, caught just prior to Sinai crash — Getty/AP Image


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2 Dead and Explosions Heard in Belgian Counter-Terrorism Raid

By Cain Cawthon

At least two people have been killed after Belgian police launched a major operation against a suspected jihadist terrorist cell a week after the attacks on Paris which left 20 people dead.

Belgian media has reported that two people have died in the eastern town of Verviers

The raid in Verviers in eastern Belgium was targeted against a group of three young men who had recently returned from Syria, according to the Belgian authorities.

Two people were killed and one other was arrested in a shoot-out before 6pm (5pm GMT) during an anti-terrorist raid in Belgium, authorities said. Belgian media reported another was seriously injured. It was not immediately clear if they were suspects.

Witnesses to the operation described a barrage of explosions and multiple gunshots as police entered a building close to the town’s railway station shortly before 6pm (5pm GMT). Sharpshooters were posted on rooftops surrounding the building.

There were also several arrests as part of the operation, which the authorities said had taken place at several locations across Belgium including the Brussels area.

Prosecutors said that the alleged terror cell was suspected of planning attacks on police stations, where security measures were increased yesterday.

The federal prosecutor, Eric Van Der Sypt, told reporters that Belgian police and special forces launched the operation on Thursday evening after receiving information that a cell was poised to launch a serious terror strike in the country. The raids were focused on individuals in the Brussels region and Verviers who were believed to have returned home after fighting in Syria.

“A specialized investigating judge in Brussels specialised in terrorism commanded about 10 search warrants,” Mr Van Der Sypt said. “These search warrants were executed in an investigation concerning several people who we think are an operational cell – certain people who came back from Syria. During the investigation we found this group was about to commit terrorist attacks in Belgium.”

As soon as police launched the raid on the property in Verviers, “certain suspects immediately opened fire with automatic weapons at special forces of the police.” Mr Van Der Sypt said the gunfire went on “for several minutes” before two suspects were shot dead. He said that no police or passers-by were injured in the confrontation at a property in central Verviers near the train station.

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While the authorities would give no further information about the investigation or reveal the identities of the suspects, they said they would be raising the national security alert level.

PureVPNAuthorities in Brussels were already on high alert after Mehdi Nemmouche – a Frenchman who had been to Syria – shot dead four people in a Jewish museum in Brussels last May.

It was not known if the operation was linked to ongoing efforts by French police to track down potential accomplices to last week’s attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher grocery store, which claimed the lives of three terrorists and their 17 victims.

Prior to events in Verviers, the Belgian authorities had announced the arrest of a man in Charleroi, close to the French border, on suspicion of supplying ammunition to Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman responsible for shooting dead four Jews in the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris on Friday.

The man voluntarily surrendered himself to police, claiming he had conned Coulibaly in a deal to buy a car but denying any involvement in arms sales.

Belgium was targeted by jihadists last year when a gunman shot dead four people at a Jewish museum in Brussels in May last year. Mehdi Memmouche, 29, a Frenchman who had previously acted as a jailer to Western hostages for Isis in Syria, is awaiting trial for the murders.

The events in France’s northern neighbour took place as President Francois Hollande vowed to protect Muslims in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders and Pope Francis intervened in the debate about the Paris attacks by saying there were limits to freedom of expression.

During a visit to Washington, British Prime Minister David Cameron gave his response to the events in Belgian.

“It’s still early days in terms of getting information but it looks like yet another indication of the huge risk that we face from Islamist extremist terror in Europe after the attacks in Paris, after events here in America now we see this.”

He added: “We have to remain extremely vigilant we have to take all the steps we can to beat this evil. I’ll be discussing this issue with Barack Obama this evening.”

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Alan Turing ‘war hero’ prosecuted for being gay. He finally got a pardon.

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Alan Turing was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. He laid the theoretical foundations for computer science, and his code-breaking efforts during World War II greatly aided the Allies’s effort to defeat Adolf Hitler.

Alan Turing (Science Museum, London/SSPL)

But Turing, a gay man, had the misfortune to live in an intolerant era. In 1952, he was prosecuted for “gross indecency” for having a sexual relationship with another man. He lost his security clearance and was forced to take hormone treatments. Two years later, he was found dead of cyanide poisoning. His death was ruled a suicide.

Now, the BBC reports, the computing pioneer has finally received a pardon from Queen Elizabeth. It only took the British government 61 years to recognize its mistake. Hopefully, it won’t take the British government long to acknowledge that other gay men prosecuted under the same law also suffered an injustice.

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There was no subject called computer science when Turing began his work in the 1930s, so he set to work laying its foundations. He first described what came to be called the Turing Machine in a famous 1936 paper. The Turing Machine consisted of a paper tape with characters written on it and a “head” that could read and alter the tape, one character at a time.

The Turing Machine was a thought experiment, not a practical computing device. But Turing used it to prove some of the fundamental theorems of computer science. He showed that given enough time and paper tape, the Turing Machine could perform every calculation that can be performed by any other sequential computing device, including those that would be invented far in the future. In other words, Turing proved that there’s a fundamental equivalence among computing devices. Given enough time and storage space, every computer can perform exactly the same computations as every other computer.

ThinkstockTuring also showed that there are some problems that a Turing machine, or any computing device, cannot solve in any finite amount of time. For example, it’s not possible to write a computer program that, given another computer program, can predict whether the second program will halt after a finite amount of time or continue running forever.

Today these fundamental insights about the nature of computation are taught in computer science departments around the world.

When the war came, Turing threw his considerable genius into defeating the Nazis. Turing was a key figure at Bletchley Park, Britain’s wartime code-breaking lab. The Nazis used a sophisticated mechanical cipher machine called the Enigma to send coded messages. Turing and his colleagues at Bletchley Park built some of the most sophisticated mechanical computing devices yet seen to help break the Enigma code. And they succeeded, giving the Allies priceless intelligence about Germany’s war plans.

Unfortunately, the work at Bletchley Park was so sensitive that the public didn’t learn of Turing’s contribution to the war effort until long after his death.

Some gay-rights advocates fault the British government for waiting so long to acknowledge the injustice it perpetrated against Turing 61 years ago. More importantly, they say, thousands of other British men were also prosecuted under the “gross indecency” statute, and some are still alive today. They hope that Turing’s pardon will be the first step toward a pardon for all gay men who were prosecuted under Britain’s homophobic laws.

News Source:

Washington Post (Blog)

At year’s end, President Obama’s approval ratings….

Photo credit: The White House

At year’s end, Pres. Obama’s approval ratings p… (via CNN Video)

2013′s been rough for Pres. Obama. CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser runs through his all-time low approval ratings.



House votes down Obamacare but passes bill funding government

House votes down Obamacare (via Repost Video News)

(NBC News) On Capitol Hill, Friday was the first major volley in the nasty new battle over Obamacare.



John Kerry’s wife ‘Teresa Heinz Kerry’ hospitalized

Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Secretary of State John Kerry, was at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston on Sunday night after being stricken with an unspecified medical condition while on the island of Nantucket.

Teresa Heinz Kerry and her husband, Secretary of State John Kerry, are seen at his swearing-in in Washington, DC. on Feb. 6.(Photo: Paul J. Richards, AF

Earlier Sunday, Heinz Kerry was taken by ambulance to Nantucket Cottage Hospital accompanied by Kerry, according to a statement from Kerry spokesman Glen Johnson. Noah Brown, a spokesman for the Nantucket hospital, said she arrived in critical condition after 3:30 p.m. ET but was stabilized by doctors.

“The family is grateful for the outpouring of support it has received and aware of the interest in her condition, but they ask for privacy at this time,” Johnson’s statement said. Heinz Kerry was accompanied by her husband to the Boston hospital.
Folli Follie

In 2009, she was treated for breast cancer. The disease had been detected in her left breast after she had her annual mammogram. Heinz Kerry underwent lumpectomies in both breasts at a Washington hospital after a growth was also detected in her right breast.

News Source: USA Today

Fugitive Edward Snowden in Moscow seeks asylum | News & Politics

Edward Snowden - Credit: Getty/AP

Fugitive Snowden in Moscow, seeks Ecuador asylum (via AFP)

Fugitive US ex-intelligence worker Edward Snowden on Sunday arrived in Russia on his way to Ecuador, seeking to win asylum in the leftist Latin American state and evade arrest after leaking sensational details of cyber-espionage by Washington. Snowden, the target of a US arrest warrant issued Friday…



Hillary Clinton The Movie: Our Casting Choices

Published by EOTM News Editor on June 1st, 2013 - in Entertainment News, EOTM Politics, Movies, Politics

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Hillary Clinton The Movie: Our Casting Choices (via

One of the hottest Hollywood productions currently casting is the biographical story of Hillary Clinton. Being that there is a lot of buzz surrounding this highly-anticipated film, the question on everyone’s mind is who will be chosen to play the famous former First Lady turned Secretary of State…



Black jobless rate often twice overall rate; National Urban League seeks to address it

Published by EOTM News Editor on May 20th, 2013 - in Breaking News, EOTM Politics, News and Politics, Real People
Black jobless rate often twice overall rate; National Urban League seeks to address it (via

View full sizeMarc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, is scheduled to kick off Monday in Cleveland the organization’s campaign aimed at lowering the black unemployment rate, which is often double the overall rate. He is shown here in 2009 at the City Club of Cleveland.Lonnie Timmons…