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Review: Lourdes Duque Barons’ ‘To Be Loved’ Is Warm Soul Nostalgia

Published by EOTM News Editor on May 24th, 2018 - in Breaking News
By Carla B.

E Music Reviews

The pop crooner brings on Jackie Wilson for a valiant stab at R&B Soul classicism


Music is inextricably woven into the spirit of human nature, we can often identify a song with only a few notes, and with these notes, find ourselves taken back in time, swept away by  memory and feelings. Music has the power to take us places through our senses. The music of the 60’s and 70’s offers an excellent example of this kind of experience. Music of this period represents a unique connection between sound and history. Happily, we are again and again drawn to this unique form of music, for both it’s quality and reflection. Music has always been a basic part of human life and can remind us of our own past experiences.

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The truth is that music, even music which appears to be a protest written in order to give voice to some cause, in the end, is interpreted by the individual based on how it affects them personally. What maybe a heart break song to one person, is a haunting and beautiful ballad to another. No matter how a song is interpreted, there is no denying that music of the 60’s provided an unstoppable momentum, a kind of Pied Piper of Hamlin effect, calling on the people to follow. In Love….

Today, songs like To Be Loved continues to work magic in the hearts of listeners looking for music with grit, honesty, and soul. These songs continue to recreate the mood of times past. Simply put, To Be Loved, it’s message, carries on as it was meant to. Reminding us of the times in which it was born.

Music Review: Lourdes Baron – “To Be Loved”

Lourdes Baron

For some it’s hard to imagine a song like “To Be Loved”getting made these days. Even harder for some to imagine that they too….could be, “truly loved.”

“Oh what a feeling to be loved,” Baron croons. As she chases after love in furious pace, expertly.

 To experience this expansive rendition of pop, rock, soul, funk, doo-wop and stoned experimentation, well the sounds belting through the speakers at the moment puts forth a taste of hope in the plethora of love she seemingly, truly believes in.

To Be Loved…

Back in 2014 Lourdes Duque Baron’s arrival on the scene upped the ante and didn’t so much as nudge good feeling music along, as give it an almighty shove, after which rock and soul music would never be the same.

Lourdes’ remake of Jackie Wilsons, To Be Loved feels as if it’s been beamed in from another dimesion. It feels right. It feels good. A dazzling blues exhibition that will rightly cause music lovers to pause.

The psychedelic flummeries added to an already rich recipe makes for a master piece. It rarely detracts from the stand out casual brilliance that is so abundant. This chord, my friends is the note of the future arriving again…. In hopeful, innocent, inspirational, exciting, perplexing sometimes contradictory, for sure – but the future nonetheless.

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  • Listen to this single now on YouTube (see below) : To Be Loved, produced by Gemini Musiq – Haguy Mizrahi



“Music touches my soul, when I am not singing, dancing or walking bare foot in grass, I am writing articles about the songs I hold dear,” – Carla B.

Music Review ♫ Singer Lourdes Baron Revitalizes Al Greens’ ‘Let’s Stay Together’

By Carla B.

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Lourdes Duque Baron Mixes Assertiveness With Vulnerability On Her New Record

Lourdes D. Baron ~ "Lets Stay Together" - Label: Timeless Entertainment, Inc

 EOTM ♪♪♬ Critic Score: 91 (out of 100)

Lourdes D. Baron knows there are two ways people think about her.  For some, she epitomizes all that has gone right…. in the world of a pop star, and for others there is a savory light in the eye of an entrepreneur, humanitarian, author, wife, mother. A woman partaking in her own ideas with the hopes of changing the world! These differing Lourdes Barons’ are all actually one in the same, and if you pay close attention you would notice they tend to show up in the same place at the same time. It’s that double whammy, a unique sometimes uncanny ubiquity many wish they could embody. Lourdes does this effortlessly.

Baron’s music career spans four albums to date, the most recent “Let’s Stay Together,” which made its debut, in the fall of 2016. On his new album, the singer-songwriter turns Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” into a formative funktastic 21st century soul session.

“I recorded vocals with my eyes closed. I wanted to envision Al Green NEXT to me … Coaching me,” Baron shared in a recent interview.

Sounding like nothing else out there, distinct even from Al Green, Barons take on Let’s Stay Together  is matchless, sexy without being over bearing and next level out while being street corner down. A superb swansong.

Lourdes delivers obstinately, with wit and indubious charm while belting words we remember, “Why people break up, to turn around and make up, I just can’t see, you NEVER do that to me — You better NOT do — staying around you is all I can see – All these eyes will ever see….” As she withdraws purring with ‘Lets Stay Together,’ – Okay…??

A heart achingly true ole school type hard core love song from way back. The artiste continues unabated, recalling a season of good and bad …in such a way….dare I say, Al Green and crooners of his countenance, could not possibly duplicate….unless – well, they happen to live a well balanced life. It’s in the tone, not necessarily the words which almost always have dual meaning. A well constructed arrangement of harmonious vibrations, confabulating it’s own type of amour. The acclaimed singer truly dug deep into her emotions and talents for this one, doing so with boldness and grace (with eyes closed, as she says) helping accent a reoccurring message of perseverance, love and forgiveness.

Barons voice is like a candle of hope  in a world that could use a little more light. The Diva and her musical team have an astounding knack for melody and retro-influenced instrumentation all under 4 minutes. “Let’s Stay Together” brings the jangle and hook to the forefront.

No filler – all killer here. NO excuses – get it now!

Available on Amazon vinyl and other digital platforms. Produced by Grammy nominee, Haguy Mizrahi of Gemini Musiq ~ Label: Timeless Entertainment, Inc.

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The amount of great music I missed last year is staggering, and its been sensory overload with lists from my fellow bloggers. A big thank you goes out to my fellow active music critics in the conscious music community for keeping me up to date with all the good stuff. Notably, the albums, singles that appear on our sites are the gems you should hear first. Enjoy & Share!

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Pop Culture: Lourdes Duque Barons Official Website: Breaking News; Videos, Photos, Tour Dates

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Young guns beware: Music Lovers Juggernaut has arrived…

Lourdes Duque Baron

Baron is one of a small number of artists able to exercise more autonomy over how their music is consumed thanks to the huge audiences they command. Another example: Beyoncé.

Check the crooner out for yourself & bookmark her new website >> Lourdes Duque Barons >>>Click Here To Book mark (You will be redirected)

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unRadio from Rhapsody Start Your 14 Day Free Trial Today!Music lovers, what are your thoughts. Is it a Hit or a Miss? Share below in the comments.

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Steven Knight Show Premiere Recap 1/12/15: Season 5 Episode 1 – Faith Evans

By Tawanda Cawthon

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Did you miss The Steven Knight Show tonight?

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Well, the team brought in the new year with two incredible interviews; the cast of “The 11th Hour,” and the incomparable, Faith Evans.

Listen to the show below.

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The 11th Hour

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Throwback Music Video Of The Week – Volume 133: ME & MR. JONES

By Tanya Blake

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The Top music video of the week. The biggest artists and biggest songs. EOTM! Online knows what’s hot!

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Me and Mr. Jones with Lourdes Duque Baron featuring AKNU

Song produced by Andrew Lane, Drew Right Music. All rights reserved.
Music video directed and produced by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, Dolce Films.

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Madonna’s Six-song Gift To Fans A Big Hit On Itunes

By Dorothy Frazier

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(Contact Music) – Madonna’s new six-track “Christmas gift” to fans has topped the iTunes charts in 36 countries in just hours.

The pop superstar has released the new tracks from her forthcoming Rebel Heart album in response to a hack attack, which led to her unfinished demos hitting the Internet last month (Nov14).

The new songs, featuring a new duet with Nicki Minaj on B**ch, I’m Madonna, were released to online download stores on Saturday night (20Dec14) – and they’re already proving to be big hits around the world.

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Her spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg tells Wenn, “In virtually every country the songs were released, they held six of the ten slots on the Top 10 iTunes chart. In seven of those countries, she had multiple number ones. The single Living for Love is currently number one in 20 countries.”

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Rebel Heart will be released in March (2015).

Image credit: Maverick Records

Best Christmas Songs: STREAM 24/7 To Christmas Music Online – #EOTMRadio

Drake – “How About Now”

By Michelle Walker

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New music from Drake seems to come at random times and that remains true today as a fresh track from the Toronto rapper has popped up titled ‘How About Now’. The song spans exactly four minutes in length and there’s no word on what project it’ll be placed on.


“Always felt my vision been bigger than the bigger picture. Crazy how you gotta wait until it’s dark out to see who really with you. Crazy how even when they miss you, shit will come back around and get ya” rhymes the OVO artist. While there’s no question Drake can sing, ‘How About Now’ is mainly his rapping talents at the forefront. A female voice recording starts off the track and then the instrumental kicks in.

Whether or not Drake intended for ‘How About Now’ to be released is unknown. Regardless, the track is dope. Look for Drake to release his next studio album ‘Views From The 6′ in the spring of 2015 and stream the new record below.

Is it a HIT or MISS? Share below in the comments.

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Singer Lourdes Duque Baron Swags Her Way To Grammy Consideration

(EOTM Public Relations) – Los Angeles, California – Oct 11, 2014 - The breakout singers latest single “My Spring In Paris” has accomplished an unprecedented feat, according to some — making the grade in itself.

67 yr old award winning author and singer, Lourdes Duque Baron is celebrating a humbled welcome and early acclaim from the entertainment industry, her peers and music enthusiasts alike — as the beauty queen is in consideration for the upcoming 57th Grammy awards process.

Lourdes has made a swift and impressive mark in music, helping to bring back class and sophistication to an lackluster era. The starlet is the business — and an absorbingly wonderful entertainer. Her vogue is a wonderful, spirited rendition of a life lived fully, dipped in candy-coated sentiment – basked in a lovers collection of twangy ballads – that both the budding and the versed can dig.

The breakout singer has garnered many accolades in such a short span of time on the scene — and they continue to trickle in from her debut CD, Feeling Good At Any Age, which also received an overwhelming amount of thumbs up across the music circuit.

It seems the Me And Mr. Jones crooner draws from deep down in her inner most soul… and creates a sum greater than its parts. The result. A showcase of melodies and exceptional vocal harmonies called, My Spring in Paris.

No wonder she is adored by her fans.

Under the direction of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane, Mrs. Baron’s talents shine within each carefully crafted verse. Her music affirms her vocal range as a poignant singer and theatrical storyteller.

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Coincidentally, the 2015 Grammy Awards are still more than four months away – but I would like to make an “informed prediction” on which rising star/breakout vocalist stands to earn a nomination at musics most esteemed award show.

Envelope please. (paper tearing)

**Clearing my throat**

Can you say, Lourdes Duque Baron!!

The multi faceted entertainer proves that age “ain’t nothin’ but a number!”

Lourdes Duque Baron: My Spring In Paris is available at iTunes .

By Carla B.

Little Bit of Country Singer, Taylor Swift goes a Lil Bit of Pop Sugar..? – VIDEO

By Dorothy Frazier

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The album – named after Swift’s birth year – will be in stores Oct. 27 and is available for “pre-buy” now at

The cover of Taylor Swift's new album, '1989.'(Photo: Submitted)

Country singer Taylor Swifthas gone bonkers for POP music and it seems fans loves this bit of news as much as she does. The diva has skills and plans on creating a new type of star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, friends and its all coming your way as her fifth installment, 1989, which debuts October 27th. The latest music is her very “first, official pop album,” according to the singer…. who gushed the news to a small crowd of her fans, which just happened to be — at the TOP of New York’s Empire State Building. How epic is that?

Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 56th Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Jan. 26, 2014, in Los Angeles.(Photo: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images)

She said she discovered it was a time of “limitless potential and the idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want and love who you want, and you get to decide where your life is going.”

The goal for leadoff single Shake It Off was to create a song that sounded like “nothing I had done.” Produced by Max Martin and Shellback (the team behind other enormous Swift hits I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together), the unabashedly poppy anthem is inspired by a lesson that Swift learned in the two years since her last album, 2012′s Red. “People can say whatever they want about us, at any time,” she said. “The only thing we can control is our reaction to that.”

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Shake It Off is accompanied by an equally chirpy music video directed by Mark Romanek (Johnny Cash’s Hurt, Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream videos). In it, the 24-year-old singer is flanked by ballerinas, gymnasts and twerking women.

Whether any of that will appeal to the country fans who made her a superstar remains to be seen.

“Does anyone still think of Taylor Swift as a country artist anymore?” says Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis. “She’s very career-savvy, and I’m sure she and her handlers are convinced she can withstand any potential blowback. And I would agree.”

Says Jason Lipshutz, associate editor at Billboard, “I don’t think it’s Taylor Swift deserting the genre as much as it’s Taylor Swift trying something new.

“Her last album was based in country music, but it had a lot of bubblegum pop in it,” he says. “She’s always been a great storyteller, but she’s been trying her hand at pop music more and more.

“It’s kind of a complete transition that if you’ve been paying attention, you could see coming.”

But Gregg Swedberg, program director of K102 in Minneapolis, doesn’t believe country radio “will pay Taylor much attention this time.”

Shania Twain Live in Vegas - Tickets from $75!
“I’m sure there will be some stations who will play it a couple of times, as she makes high-quality music no matter the genre,” he adds. “Taylor fans will love the new music, and it’s well known that her fans come from all formats.


What do you think about the switch? Sound off in the comments below.

News Source:USA Today & Rolling Stone