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California Woman fired over Facebook racial slur speculating on Obama assassination

A California woman who used a racial slur to describe President Obama on Facebook, writing that “maybe he will get assassinated” has been fired from her job at Cold Stone Creamery in Turlock.

The Facebook status by Denise Helms, 22, posted immediately after Obama’s reelection Tuesday, went viral and prompted an investigation by the Secret Service about whether it was a true threat.

Denise Helms

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal,” Helms told FOX40 Sacramento in an interview outside her workplace at the Turlock Cold Stone Creamery. “The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying I’d go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

As Helms’ post spread across Facebook and Twitter, the national ice cream chain began to respond to people who expressed outrage over Helms’ post.

“The employee is no longer w/the company. We were as shocked as you were by her outrageous & completely unacceptable comments,” the official Coldstone Twitter account responded to one user Thursday night. We found her comments to be very disgusting, and they do not reflect our opinions here,” the spokesman said. “We never saw anything from her at work like those comments.”

The Secret Service said all threats or perceived threats are taken seriously and investigated, but it declined further comment.  Helms could face a felony if convicted.

The Los Angeles Times contributed to this report.

Memory Lane, Inc

4 more years for the 44th President, CNN reports

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It’s official, President Barack Obama  has won re-election in a closely fought race against republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Americans delivered the final judgment on a long and bitter campaign that drew so many people to the polls.

Obama’s victory marks a landmark in modern election history. No sitting president since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 has won re-election with a higher unemployment rate, which stands at 7.9%. It is also the first time since 1816 the U.S. has had three consecutive two-term presidents.

The announcement came after the president was the projected winner in the crucial battleground of Ohio, and subsequently won both Iowa and Oregon. This put Obama over the required 270 electoral votes.

Watch President Obama’s victory speech below.

Photo credit: Damon Winter


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US presidential election: Live Report

US presidential election: Live Report (via AFP)

0338 GMT: Jennifer Granholm the former governor of Michigan, tweets that says based on what he’s heard from insiders, he’s confident that @BarackObama will win Florida! #Current2012 #election2012 0331 GMT: Americans around the world are watching the results tonight. US expatriates in London are staging…


Obama Keeps the White House with 294 Electoral Votes and a 50.3% of Popular Vote Majority

Obama Keeps the White House with 294 Electoral Votes and a 50.3% of Popular Vote Majority (via PR Newswire)

“Tough Victory by Obama” is Forecasted by ISR, an Asian-American Think Tank WASHINGTON , Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The International Strategy and Reconciliation Foundation, an Asian-American think tank, forecasts a “tough presidential election victory” by Barack Obama, capturing 294 electoral…


Polls close in crucial Ohio

Polls close in crucial Ohio (via AFP)

Polls closed Tuesday in Ohio — widely considered the most crucial state in President Barack Obama’s re-election bid, with networks saying the race was too close to call. Ohio, which has 18 votes in the US electoral college, is virtually a must-win for challenger Mitt Romney, as no Republican has won…


Tale of the states that will decide White House race

Tale of the states that will decide White House race (via AFP)

As Americans head to the polls on Tuesday, the tight White House race between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney has narrowed to a fight over less than 10 states. Obama’s strategy is to solidify his last line of defense in the industrial Midwest, and to try to pluck away several insurance…


Why You Should Vote On Election Day – November 6

Don’t be so quick to brush off your rights!

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We live in a democracy, which means you get a say in who runs our country, and how they do it! But with everything going on in your life like school, friends, shopping, families, candidates, sports it can be easy to brush off your right to vote. Yeah, registering and waiting in line at the polls can be a hassle, but it is a small price to pay for the right to vote.

Beyonce and Katy Perry are voting Obama, Lindsay Lohan and Kid Rock are turning out for Mitt Romney.  Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner have already voted by absentee ballot.

Getty Images

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Faith Hill, Christina Applegate, Alexis Bledel, Scooter Braun, Snoop Dogg, Pearl Jam and Katy Perry have all tweeted to their followers to vote.

Whoever you support, you must use your right to vote on Nov. 6.

Don’t know where to vote?

Now, I have to ask all you EOTMers to make sure that no matter what you have on your plate tomorrow, that you pencil in time to hit your polling station and cast your ballot. Your vote does matter! National polls showPresident Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney equally divided with 49 percent of the popular vote. That means every vote, including yours, COUNTS!

Please don’t buy into the apathetic idea that in a country of 314 million people, your vote will not matter. It does! Plus, it has never mattered more.

Ten states will decide White House race

Think about which issues are important to you. Read more about the candidates’ stances tonight, and make sure you get to your polling stations tomorrow, EOTMers! Will you vote?

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Politico Facts:

  1. In 2008 only 54.5% of us registered and voted in 2008. That means nearly half didn’t embrace the right to vote. By 2015 we will grow to become nearly 1/3 of the electorate! Our generation is the largest and most diverse demographic in the U.S., just imagine what we can do together!
  2. Reliable information can be hard to find, and difficult to understand. But these issues usually affect you directly, whether it is immediate or gradual. So take control of what you stand for and let your voice be heard!
  3. The reason a democracy is so great, is because of the harmony between the people and the government. What sets our government apart is the right to speak up, disagree, be different and make a change if we want to take action.
  4. The right to vote is a beautiful thing. It really is. Young people and other demographics in parts of the world actually fight and would even die for the right to vote. One day you could wake up in a country where you can’t. Enough said!
See you at the polls!!

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Understanding the Facts!

Ohio: the campaign endgame

Ohio: the campaign endgame (via GlobalPost)

Allegations swirl that Ohio votes will be counted using experimental software, maintained by a firm with ties to Romney. Jean MacKenzie COLUMBUS, Ohio — Hurricane Sandy might have decimated the East Coast, but a whirlwind of a different sort is about to descend on this normally placid midwestern…


Don’t know where to vote?

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