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The Whole Planet Is Our Homeland – Awake, Forgive, LOVE

Uploaded by TruthinMedia Follow us:@EOTMOnline on Twitter|EOTM.Media on Facebook   Tweet Awaken, Forgive, LOVE & EVOLVE…  “There is only the understanding that needs to be taught to every child in the world, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be [...]

Soft Disclosure in new X-FILES, Season 10 – EOTM REVIEW, well Kind of…

By Regis Yates Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter |EOTM.Media on Facebook A friend called me a couple days ago and said that I should watch the 1st episode of Season 10, of The X-Files. I was told it seemed to border around soft alien disclosure. So of course, I viewed it. Considering I follow things dubbed [...]

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton set to be indicted by FBI, report

By Carla B. Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter |EOTM.Media on Facebook According to former U.S. House Majority leader Tom Delay who told Newsmax TV that investigators plan to go to the media if the U.S. attorney general doesn’t follow through with the charges against Hillary Clinton. — Before you get all upset with me and [...]

Universal Group of Visionaries launch historic “Real Star Wars” Galactic Consciousness Series

By Carla B. Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter |EOTM.Media on Facebook Tweet #TheRealStarWars In what seems to be an exciting new series for those that question everything, Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower, Alfred Webre, Adam Apollo and a few others have officially launched the “Real Star Wars,” a Galactic Consciousness Series. Apparently, the [...]

Vladimir Putin Declares ISIS On “Brink Of Total Defeat”, Warns NATO War Has Been “Total Lie”

By: Sorcha Faal – A sobering report issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that in an address to Federation military commanders at the National Control Defense Center wartime government headquarters in Moscow earlier today, President Putin declared that Islamic State Forces (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) operating in the Levant War Zone are on the “brink [...]

US Congress moves to block Obama’s Syrian refugee plan

Uploaded by Carla B. Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter |EOTM.Media on Facebook How can we effectively as a collective make a stand on some of the  issues currently playing out on the world stage??? Particularly, President Obama’splan to import thousands of Syrian refugees without them being properly vetted. What’s interesting is that there is NO [...]

Sen. John McCain behind false flag to down American plane – Truth News Report

By TruthinMedia Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter | EOTM.Media on Facebook In the video below Independent Scientist, Leuren Moret speaks with  Alfred Lambremont Webre and shares fascinating information regarding Sen. John McCain and how he may have been part of the false flag plan to down Russian airliner, this just prior to the Russian Airbus [...]

Whistleblower Breaks Down All You Need To Know About The U.S. Drone Program

By Frankie Merks Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter | EOTM.Media on Facebook The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars. NEW YORK — Jeremy Scahill [...]

Global Warming, Space Weather, Fukushima UPDATES

By Carla B. Follow us: @EOTMOnline on Twitter | EOTM.Media on Facebook Fighting global warming is not just about reducing carbon emissions or promoting alternative energy.  Rather, public documents released by truth-seekers reveal an absolute obsession with population control and a bizarre belief by environmental extremists that population reduction is the “cheapest” way to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions.  You [...]