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Dreams, Memories of Airplanes Falling from Sky - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

Dreams, Memories of Airplanes Falling from Sky

By Carla B.

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Is there a correlation between sleep, dreams and memory? Can the content of our dreams reflect aspects of memory from different timelines, parallel universes?

Airplanes Falling From Sky

For the past 7 months I’ve been having dreams of airplanes dropping, falling from the sky. In these dreams I am always in a different place. Outside of what appears to be my home, in a field, on the freeway, a random street. The commercial planes are always falling and sometimes even though I can not explain how I know, I felt deep in my core that there was a struggle at the most basic sense, the pilots, navigators were doing all they could to pull up, to save their precious cargo.… to no avail.

The most recent of these dreams happened two nights ago,  November 6, 2015. I was outside in the street of what may have been my home, a family member or friends homes with my daughter. She was excitingly telling me how she had taken some amazing pics of auras, fireballs and other anomalies in the sky that day. I thought that was really interesting because I had been doing the same thing in my waking hours. Watching our skies day and night, taking pics and recording videos from my cell.
(I actually recalled that memory while in my dream state.) I began looking up and was like, yeah, the sky looks soooo beautiful. I grabbed my cell and started taking pictures as well. Then all of a sudden we all stopped, and there were now tons of people running out their homes and gathering all around, looking up at the sky in awe. What we saw were two enormous white commercial airplanes that appeared to be falling fast and the back of the planes was engulfed in fire! The planes were very close, right in front of us…then we all started to panic and run in all directions. We made it safely into our house, but I recall looking back and fiery, smokey debris had struck someone right behind me and it seemed the person turned to ashes as it struck him/her.

Now, this gets weirder.

Last night I was watching an episode of Fringe (Season 4).

In the episode, people were driving down a country road when all of the cars abruptly stopped. Everyone then began getting out of their vehicles appearing puzzled and frightened. Looking all around and then someone is pointing up to the sky and…slowly…a  freaking airplane appears, it was falling from the sky…and half of the plane was engulfed in fire, just like my dream!! After the planes crashed, the spectators motors started up by itself  and all of the radios began blaring  a song that sounded a bit familiar to me…. as I listened to the words…intently I was absolutely astonished to hear these words emitting from the speakers: ( I had to rewind the video a couple times to be sure I wasn’t hearing things.)

“I had the craziest dream…..last night – yes I did.” — ( by Frank Sinatra titled ‘I Had The Craziest Dream’)

As you may imagine, I was totally freaked out! What does this mean? A synchronicity? What!? Please share your thoughts, interpretations in the section below.

Image credit: Wespenre Productions

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What did you dream last night? What do you remember?

FACT: People who write down their Dreams, remember more DREAMS.



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11 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Being 100% honest, I had dream last night, a lot of things happened but I remember three different things the most:

    1. I walk out of my sliding glass door and look down my driveway, it was cold. I cross my arms and look up into the sky, one after another 2 planes crash close to my house but out of my peripheral vision because of the tree line. I remember feeling scared but I thought it was over.

    2. All of a sudden a huge ship falls from the sky and lands in my yard, then thousands of random, blown up (larger than usual) objects fall from the sky like rain.

    3. All of a sudden I was in the driver’s seat of my friends truck, he was shotgun, and this girl I’m taking to and dating was in the back. The only dialogue I remember is me saying, “we gotta go because the world’s actually ending”. Lol, exactly that way. I gunned off and wrecked right down the road, got out, picked the truck up bare handed, put it on the road and then it turned into a roller skate.

    Woke up.

    Mind blown.

  2. chris says:

    According to the scientific community REM sleep consolidates memories and aids in learning. An article in Science recently declared that “neuroscientists have long known that memory consolidation goes on during sleep. Other experts note, NREM sleep also plays a role, albeit a different one, in learning. I think you are on the right track. Keep thinking. Question everything,

  3. judy says:

    I used to dream this often. A plane or two would just literally fall from the sky making the most horrible sounds and feet from me explode miliseconds before hitting the ground. Strangely enough I never felt or heard anything during the explosion. Pieces were hitting me and usually I feel everything in ny dreams just amplified. I still have the strangest dreams of earth but it’s so different so desolate

  4. Maxx says:

    do you have a fear about this kind of thing since the 9/11 ?

    sometimes fears are replayed in our dream time ;)

  5. Bobby says:

    Wow. Got goosebumps reading this.

  6. Kymberli says:

    It says in the bible that in the last days we will dream dreams and prophicie … But these could also be interpreted as a personal experience. Perhaps the planes carrying cargo represent all you THOUGHT you knew and as you awaken to the realities you are discovering….those ideas you once flew so high with come crashing down .

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