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Awoke in a Parallel Universe where ‘The BerenSTEIN Bears’ are NOW ‘The BerenStain Bears’ — Total Bull Sh*t! - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

Awoke in a Parallel Universe where ‘The BerenSTEIN Bears’ are NOW ‘The BerenStain Bears’ — Total Bull Sh*t!

By Carla B.

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A candid look at the Berenstein Bears of yesteryear and the Berestain Bears of today, which according to Google is our true reality…?

Berenstein or Bernestain. Which do you remember?

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There are just somethings I must stand firm on and my one true memory of The Berenstein Bears is one of them! What happened?! Why did the spelling of the name change?  I have very distinct memories of the bears, even their TV spinoff and special with another fav, Goldilocks!

Interestingly, I attempted researching this little known fact and could not find anything on the original spelling (Berenstein), it appears the name has always been Berenstain, but that’s hogwash!

To digress a bit, I have always been an avid reader, even as a child — Dr. Seuss, Cabbage Patch Kids, Bugs Bunny, The Road Runner, Tom & Jerry, amongst many others. The Berenstein Bears were a popular series of children’s books which was eventually rewarded with their very own cartoon and memorabilia. The creators,  Stan and Jan Berenstein were my hero’s back then. They were indeed a big thing and I am pretty sure many others will attest to this.

My initial response at first was probably what yours is now: The what? The who?? The fu*k?

To actually see Google correcting my spelling as I typed “The Berenstein Bear” over and over — to be confronted with book covers that seemed at odds with my memories was completely and undeniably startling.

They have always been the Berenstain Bears, according to the world wide web. Could I have always been wrong? Every scrap of physical evidence online proves this….but it just does not feel right.

Why? Because they are NOT The Berenstein Bears?? They’ve never been The Berenstein Bears..?? Despite the fact that many others remember them as Berenstein, and I myself still pronounce their name as The Berenstein Bears.

I remember the Berenstein Bears dammit… just as I remember The Brady Bunch! Amidst my frustration, trying to make sense of it all… I came across a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled, TIME & SPACE: The Case of the Vanished Year – Corrupted REALITY, (see below) — which highlights the disappearance of the Berenstein Bears from our timeline.

I promise folks, I tried to come up with some formidable explanation that would explain this, but time, space and wakefulness appears to have taken precedence….my higher/real self aint having it anymore.

Moreover, after contemplating, meditating on it all, I remembered a book I read years ago on the quantum field theory, whereas I learned the basic concept of Euclidean space-time.  This idea of complex dimensions lead me to think of a more vast Universe than what we’ve been taught. Can two universes in multi-dimensional space and time have two different spellings of the name? Is there a such thing as Universe A and Universe B?? Is there another earth or is this simply a result of my overactive imagination???

Whatever is true, we currently live in Universe A  — of which at some point, it seems that many of us once lived in Universe B.  Now here we are, inexplicably in Universe A, and I’ve been completely mind fuc*ed and you too!

The Strangest Thing

When you do a search on any of the mainstream platforms, all you will find is Berenstain. (see below)

The Strangest Thing Indeed….

From what I could find on the internet, thousands of individuals have shared their own experiences and added their own theories. Which is what lead me to create my own piece on the subject — as a means to innerstanding it all, foremost…while sharing with liked minds, hoping many will delve deep to discover…uncover the hidden esoterica meanings and symbolism that are jammed in our faces endlessly, day end and day out through the media.

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Is it selfish of me to be relieved that I was not the only one that noticed perplexities and thwarted changes to our timeline??

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Project MKUltra: a code name of a U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans.

Even the theme song — pronunciates the word as Berenstein NOT Berenstain.

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What in the hell is going on and how do I climb out of this freakin rabbit hole??


What do you remember? Please share with us in the comments below.

About the author:

Carla B is the founder of EOTM Media which focuses on creating and distributing first class, studio quality entertainment & real news content and intellectual property across multiple platforms. As a key strategic partner in the industry, EOTM makes sound investments in media, philanthropy and entertainment related companies and assets.



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3 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    I remember the book as Berenstein as well. Weird.

  2. Tanya says:

    I first noticed this a couple years ago. Crazy ish

  3. gravy jay says:

    I won’t say who I am or why I’m even posting this; but you are all correct. We are in a different, but similar, parallel universe. It happens quite often and the United States government is quite aware of this.

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