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Nearly 150 Dolphins Dead on Beach Outside Tokyo, report - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

Nearly 150 Dolphins Dead on Beach Outside Tokyo, report

By Cain Cawthon

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Reports from Japan indicate that nearly 150 dolphins have washed up dead on a beach 60 miles northeast of Tokyo.

Local residents try to save melon-headed dolphins stranded on the coast in Hokota, northeast of Tokyo, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 10, 2015.(Reuters / Kyodo)

An AFP journalist at the scene said that despite efforts to get the dolphins into the water, some were being pushed back onto the beach by the tide soon after they had been released . Purportedly, the pod was stretched out along a roughly 10-kilometre-long stretch of beach where they had been found by locals early Friday morning.

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Massive Fukushima Radiation

According to the report rescue efforts were abandoned as night fell, and only a handful of mammals could be saved.

Gaiam Your #1 Source For Everything Yoga! Click Here!“It was becoming dark and too dangerous to continue the rescue work at this beach, where we could not bring heavy equipment,” an unnamed Hokota municipal official told AFP. “Only three of them have been successfully returned to the sea, as far as we can confirm.”

The rescuers, most of whom were volunteers, tried to save the dolphins by pouring water on them, to prevent their skin from getting too dry.

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Photos from the scene revealed that some were badly cut and had deep gashes.

Tadasu Yamadao, a researcher at the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, reportedly said that the dolphins might have got lost. “Sonar waves the dolphins emit might have been absorbed in the shoals, which could cause them to lose their sense of direction,” he said.

Although the true cause of the dolphin deaths have not yet been disclosed, scientists had earlier suggested that low- and mid-frequency sonar used by military ships might be interfering with the mammals’ echo-location system, disorienting them and hindering their ability to navigate. Others in alternative media have reported the deaths are in fact due to fukushima radiation that is now happening all over the world.

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