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Guru Yotam – Breathe & Live!

By TruthMedia

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How many of you are shallow breathers? I am. Why? Not sure. Fear? Anxiety? Perhaps I don’t breathe deeply because in some corner of my material girl mentality a deep breath means a rounded belly and a rounded belly is “bad”..?? You know what I mean?  Suck it in, keep it slim. (blink blink)…ya know? Well folks, yesterday that all changed. I found an amazing video via Spirit Science while doing my daily yoga and had to share. (see video below) Check it out and let me  know your thoughts in the comments section. Have breathing tips? Sharing is caring!

Without oxygen there is no life. Cancer hates oxygen. Without water there is no life. Water conducts energy, electricity. These two substances are key elements of life force. Are you getting enough of them? Because it feels so good to feel so good, I’m going back for more. Come with me! Take some time to get frisky with your lungs. Listen to your body when it asks you for hydration & breathe.

Guru Yotam inspires in the video below as he enlightens us on the importance of breathing and living.

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