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E Music Critic: Recapping ‘Dance Again’ – Music Reviews - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

E Music Critic: Recapping ‘Dance Again’ – Music Reviews

By Carla B.

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Lourdes Duque Baron has become more than just a musical superstar and sex symbol, though she is definitely both of those things. For me — and I imagine for thousands of others — Lourdes now stands as an enduring symbol of survival and of grace. Her music is a healing thing.

[RECAP] A few additional thoughts on Lourdes Baron & her single, Dance Again.

I critiqued this song back in September but wanted to add it to our 20 Artists To Listen To in 2015. (Click here to take a Listen) - The blazin’ pop/rock single which was produced by the legendary Andrew Lane  features jamming tunes that will make you wanna give it a twirl on the dance floor regardless if you have moves like Jagger or not. It calls to music lovers, seemingly hypnotizing, edging them on to  glide along with the feisty tunes leaving all worries aside to focus on the dance floor….get ready to be bad. It’s your time!

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Looking back on music over-all in 2014, it’s interesting to notice, not only was the pop world near-obsessively fixated on dance music but it seems to be shot through with a sudden wide-eyed reverence for the icons of the pre-Internet world, the stars who were titans back when titans were well and truly titanic. Lourdes takes us back, ever so eloquently.

Lourdes is a champion of symphony, she is my hero — and I have a funny feeling that this is exactly what she was vying for. Yes, this is precisely what she had in mind. The one who controls the musical universe and my dancing feet.

Lourdes has found countless sounds that welcome her, and the dance-pop of 2014 is one of them!

Therefore, I do declare “Dance Again” a smash, again!

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