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N-word in the White House: Pro-Obama op-ed, Racism or ‘Stimulating Journalism’? - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

N-word in the White House: Pro-Obama op-ed, Racism or ‘Stimulating Journalism’?

Published by EOTM News Editor on July 7th, 2014 - in Breaking News, EOTM News, EOTM Politics, News and Politics

By Jimmy Baker

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James Lincoln Collier, a columnist for the WestView News in New York — is under fire for calling President Obama a ni**er in its headline.

(“The Nigger in the White House.”) — a disparaging term used for a black person.

Photo: West View News

Our news affiliate, The Raw Story had this to say about the article:

Collier, author of the award-winning children’s book My Brother Sam Is Dead. It is actually supportive of the president, arguing that “these far right voters hate Obama because he is black.”

“The simple truth,” Collier continued, “is that there is still in America an irreducible measure of racism,” which he connects to the position on immigration that allowed David Brat to defeat Eric Cantor in a Republican primary last month.

He wanted to use the word in the headline “to shock [readers] into accepting that there still are people who believe and use this outrageous word.”

George Capsis, the 86-year-old editor and publisher of the paper, prefaced the column by noting that, in it, “Jim reminded me that The New York Times avoids using the word which convinced me that WestView should.” He also mentioned that the paper’s editorial staff “continues to object” to the word’s use.

In fact, Collier’s column shared a page with another titled “The Headline Offends Me,” written by the paper’s African-American columnist, Alvin Hall. “The decision to use the headline feels misguided to me,” he wrote, adding that “just seeing the n-word in a headline or in an article always makes me bristle.”

Previously the journalist penned the novel, Jump Ship to Freedom, which has been frequently challenged and removed from libraries because of the use of the word “nigger” by characters in the book.

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By Scott Kaufman — Contributing author Jimmy Baker (EOTM Media)



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3 Responses

  1. Tom says:
    hateful word – used for a hateful reason- just because I am not a fan of the President does not suggest the use of the term by anyone to reflect the President or me is ok. I voted for him in first election, Not happy with his approach and style. He needs to step back and look where he has put himself and make a change. Author of article – will never support or read his material again. Sad – we need solutions not more walls and name calling.
  2. Chris says:
    as you so duly noted, its pro Obama. Folks need to get their panties out the bunch.
  3. tanya says:
    People should realize that resulting to name calling is not a good way to express an opinion. This makes it seem like editorial staffs main problem is the color of the President’s skin. It would seem if their opposition was based on anything else, they wouldn’t have to result to printing a racial slur.

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