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1 Of The Most Anticipated Album Releases Of 2014 Drops Tomorrow! - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

1 Of The Most Anticipated Album Releases Of 2014 Drops Tomorrow!

By Carla B.

 Sometimes you may find yourself thinking, “I wonder what my future husband, wife, soul-mate, best friend is doing right at this VERY moment.” Another fun one to try is, “What if my favorite song, album, collaboration, artist, concert hasn’t even happened yet?”

Lourdes Duque Baron

I love imagining the future of music and wrestling with my own mind, countering these thoughts with, “But how could anything possibly top the On The Run Tour with Jay Z and Beyoncé?” Sometimes, we might even be reluctant to try listening to a new artist or even new music by a once favorite artist of ours, possibly because we are afraid that something will exceed our current favorite thing. Never fear, because the beautiful world of music is ever-changing; you will always have room for the new and the old.

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This is why I believe the arrival of Lourdes Duque Baron’s debut CD will be successful. The crooner is making music feel good again, and has the musical notes wrapped around her fingers, the old is made new again with the emergence of Feeling Good At Any Age.

You do not want to hit the snooze button on this one. Be sure to check out one of the most highly anticipated albums of this era coming your way via break-out singer, Lourdes Duque Baron,

Award-winning music producer Andrew Lane is set to produce the extravagant red carpet experience to officially introduce Lourdes to the world. The event will be held at the Glendale Hilltop Mansion in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 1 p.m.

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Baron, 67, will also perform several songs from the album. A few celebrities expected to attend are Booboo Stewart, Fivel Stewart, Daniel Curtis Lee, Aaron Sanchez and Aleigh O’Sullivan.

The celebration will be live streamed, courtesy of Aaron Sanchez, Live with Aaron and Kelly, KCAA NBC Radio.





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