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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill dismiss divorce rumors - They Write What They're Told, We Don't!

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill dismiss divorce rumors

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill won’t be singing any sad country love songs any time soon. The couple, who have been rumored to be heading for divorce, have confirmed they’re happier than ever.

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“[Rumors] seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It’s perplexing,” Hill told People magazine when asked about the reports after the couple’s show in Las Vegas on Friday night (Nov. 15). “I don’t know why ‘happy’ can’t be a story.”

The 46-year-old singer insists the couple is “absolutely not” divorcing, a sentiment which was echoed by McGraw.

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“We’ve been married 17 years, and since the first week we were married those things were out,” McGraw told the magazine. “We don’t even think about it. The only time we ever think about it is [when we] worry about the kids. But they’ve been around it, too, so they laugh it off.”

Reps for the couple brushed off the Enquirer’s report as “totally false and ridiculous,” and in an interview with The Huffington Post in August, McGraw even offered up what he thinks is the secret to a long, happy marriage.

“The easy answer is just to shut up and not say anything, that’s easy,” he said. “But really it’s a lot of give and take and it’s a lot of no ultimatums.”




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